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The Story of A Mother Who Struggled Against The Colorectal Cancer

This article is about an Old wife and mother of two young daughters. In the fall of 2003, she was 44 year old and called by the name Bridget Beranek , was busy parties, function and shopping but chalked out to holiday stress when she began to lose her power and hunger.

Even after New Year Bridget felt that her condition is more than that of stress. So she made many visits to initial doctor. She was recommended the internist and colonoscopy. The result of which diagnosed colorectal cancer which has at the stage 4 and has reached to liver.

It was said by her own that she did not believe that this has happed to her. She is leading healthy life, eat healthy food and did not smoke. She went for regular mammogram. She wants to inform that this disease is more common in females.

Report of American Cancer society entails that the colon cancer is named as Colorectal cancer and this is second leading cancer causing the death next to lungs cancer in united sates. In Men and Women this is third most diagnostic cancer in USA. 

There are many factor of causing colon cancer like it inherits from family, intestinal polyps or bowel inflammation, fatty disposition and its common in the age of 50years people. The most common symptoms are vomiting abdominal discomfort blooded stool etc.

Its has been recommended by CDC- center of disease control. The people of above 50 ages have high risk of this disease should have regular screening and consult to physician.

It was the luck of Bridget the that a new treatment is used for her that was new approved by FDA specially for the colon cancer . This technique is used along with traditional chemotherapy called Avastin. Some side effect appearing such as vomiting indicating the effect of treatment means she is doing well.  Then her start spending happy life with husband, daughter and carrying her photography hobby.

The better way to cure this type of cancer is targeted therapies which are more effective than that of chemotherapy. Avastin is an angiogenesis inhibitor, help to prevent cancer tumors preventing its spread in the body, Avastin are used in the treatment of colon cancer.

Avastin has side effects in colorectal cancer. One of it is gastrotestinal perforation and blood clot complication .other side effects are blood pressure kidney damage, reduction in blood cells white bllod cell, causing diarrhea, weakness, pain , protein deficiency nose bleeding etc.  it also includes inflammation in urine , severe stomach pain, fever. Vomiting nausea are also common.

Side effects from Avastin is varies from person to person.  One cannot predict the side effect. It appears only during the treatment. If such symptom is appearing immediate consultation with doctor is necessary. if you have any query regarding this Avastin , please doctor and consult health care centers.

Ignorance will lead to death. Now a day’s such medicines have been invented and therapies that help in curing such dangerous disease.