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The Potty Training For A Mother Of A Newly Born Baby

The birth of a baby is a moment of joy for everyone especially for the parents. The parents are happy at the time of arrival of the baby but at the same time they are worried also because they don’t have proper knowledge about how to raise a baby.

Initially they face problems like how to make babies sleep, what should they do to save their baby from cold, what foods are good for them until the age of nine months, when they can start giving solid foods to their baby, how to handle the baby when he/she has teething pain etc.  They have to face many difficulties in order to take good care of their baby.

Many people around us give different advice on these problems.  We should not listen to everyone’s advice because we don’t know that how much knowledge they have and whether their advice is good for the baby or not. In order to take good care of the baby, the parents should educate themselves through reliable resources like parental books, websites etc. this is very important for the proper growth and training of a baby.

Here we will use the example of “potty training” to explain you properly. The potty training has a total of seven stages. The potty training starts when your child starts showing signs of readiness and it ends when they are able to use toilet away from home.

Signs of Readiness: this is the first stage of potty training and it starts when your child starts showing signs of readiness. The most important sign is when they express verbally or through body language to go for potty or when they are interested in potty.

The other important signs are: they start feeling uncomfortable in wet diapers, stay dry for two hours, have started imitating family members, being able to dress and undress, interested in big kids underwear and have regular bowel movements.

Introduction to the Idea of Potty Training: The best time to introduce your child to the concept of using potty is when he shows the majority of above mentioned signs. At this time you can start training your child by reading a potty training book at bedtime or showing him a potty training video or DVD.

You can also act in front of your child to train him. For this buy a potty chair and show him the right way. Your child will try to imitate you and in this way he will learn how to use a potty chair.

Sit on the Potty: When you have introduced your child to the potty training concept, your child will try to imitate you and your family members and will start using potty chair when you are using the bathroom. This is also the time when you can teach your child good hygiene. Tell your child the ways of wiping and washing hands after using potty.
Use the Potty Sometimes: after giving the initial training you should start giving your child plenty of fluids and make a habit of taking him to potty after every 30 minutes. This practice will help to build your child’s memory.

It is very important to appreciate and encourage your child when he uses the potty for the first time. You can do this by giving your child a big hug or giving a small reward or words of encouragement. This will help to motivate your child for using potty.

Use the Potty Alone: when you feel that your child has become comfortable with the potty then it is the time when you should start leaving him for using the potty alone. When your child comes to tell you that he wants to go to potty then let him go alone if he does not start crying. Always encourage your child to go for potty alone. 

Transition to the Toilet: when your child has become comfortable in using the potty seat alone then at this time you should start thinking about switching him towards using toilet. Initially your child will be afraid of going to the toilet but he will become comfortable as the time passes.

Many children do not start using toilets because they have a fear of falling in. if your child has this fear then you will have to purchase toilet seat adapter like PRIMO’S Ducka toilet adapter or Flip-N-Flush. These devices help to reduce the size of toilet hole and thus make your child comfortable and fearless in using the toilet.

Use Potty Away From Home: this is the last stage of potty training. The potty training completes when your child is able to use the potty away from home. Nowadays many disposable toilet seats are available that can be used in public toilets.

These seats are easy to carry and it will save your child from coming in contact with germs while using public toilet seats. In some public toilets there is a system of auto-flush which continues to flush when the sensor does not detect anyone sitting on the toilet seat.

As the children’s have a very light weight, these sensors may fail to detect your child sitting on the toilet seat and may flush repeatedly. This can scare your child. To solve this problem, you can buy flush-stopper to stop the auto flushing while your child is using the toilet.

The time duration of potty training depends from children to children. Some children will learn these seven stages within weeks but some might take several months to learn this lesson completely.

The time duration of potty training of your child also depends on your knowledge about potty training, the time that you give to train your child, the stage of development of your child and the potty training products that you are using to train your child.

The potty training of a child is very important. If you know the right ways to train your child then you won’t face any difficulties.