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The Easy Five Steps To Make Mother’s Ring Online

Mother’s ring is a very good gift for any mother. You can gift the ring at any occasion you want whether it is Christmas, mother’s day, birthday or anniversary.

Many people don’t know the correct method of making a ring especially when they are ordering it online.

Many customers do not have any idea that how the ring will look when it is completed because they have not seen it before.

Some companies have now started offering sample rings so that the customer can have a look before placing the order.

These rings are manufactured from copper and synthetic stones. It is better that you first order a sample ring so that you can have an idea of the ring’s and birthstones. This is very important if you are thinking of buying an expensive ring, so first order a sample ring and then place the order for the ring that you want to gift.

Below are given some easy steps to make mother’s ring online. There are a total of 5 steps.

1. Choose the style: different people have different choices. Some like a vintage look while others like a contemporary look. This depends totally on you that which style of ring you like.

You can have your name engraved on next to the birthstone or you can just keep it simple with birthstones only. Nowadays mother’s ring is available with matching mother’s pendant. This completes the jewelry set and also looks good. It depends on you that whether you prefer a simple design or an abstract design.
2. Select the karat gold and color: the mother’s rings are available in white or yellow gold. Both colors look good but it is better that you find out what color she likes in gold material. If you are planning to give a surprise then look other jewelries of her and through this try to find out what color she likes to wear.

Nowadays most people like white gold but the old traditional people prefer yellow gold. I think that birth stones go look better with white color gold, like diamond and sapphire looks very good with white gold. Some stones like ruby look good with yellow gold. The rings are available in 10 karat and as well as 14 karat.

3. Select the size of ring: finding a ring size is not a tough job to do. It is very easy to find. Websites are now offering ring resizing for free. You can also print printable ring sizer. For finding the accurate size you can order a ring sizer made up of metal which indicates the correct size of the finger.

If you don’t want order a ring sizer than you can go to a professional jeweler. I would suggest you to buy a mother’s ring from the online store that offers you ring resizing for free; this is because you haven’t seen the ring at the time of placing the order.

If the ring is not of proper size then you can easily resize it for free otherwise you will have to pay extra money for resizing if you are not buying it from the store that offers free resizing. Buy a ring from any professional jeweler because they offer many free services. If you are buying it from e-tailers then they might charge extra money for other services.

4. Select number of stones: many customers order mother’s and father’s birthstones to include in the ring but it is your choice that which family member you want to include in the mother’s ring. Some customers prefer to order rings with children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones.

The original mother’s ring includes children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones. It has two wedding bands which represent mother and father and in the middle children’s mother stones are present.

5. Select the birthstones: the birthstones differ from person to person. There are different birthstones for different months like diamond for April, sapphire for September and ruby for July. If your birthstone is expensive then you can select an alternative birthstone like you can buy white sapphire or white zircon instead of diamond.

You should try to select birthstones that are genuine. Mother’s ring comes in stones of different shapes and sizes. The stones are available in round shape, oval shape, princess cut (square), heart shape and baguettes.

Among these the round shape stones are most popular and also traditional. You can see the diagrams of ring on the website.

Before ordering you can select the shape, size and location of the stones. If you have a creative mind then you can create your own design of ring and place the stones on right locations to make them look good.

For example if you have two children’s who were born in the month of May and their birthstone is emerald then you don’t place them next to each other. It would be better if you place the two stones with some distance in between and place a big stone like diamond in that empty space to make it look better.
Purchasing a mother’s ring online is fun to do and is also very easy. You just have to place an order according to your likeness and preferences. The ring will be delivered to you. This also helps to save your precious time which you would have wasted in searching for a gift at different stores.

You can also search for different varieties at different websites and you can also compare their prices so that you can get a ring at an affordable price. Before placing the order, make sure that the jeweler is offering free service after you have purchased the rings.

This will reduce your expense of repairing and resizing of ring. She will really like this gift and she will keep it with her every time because this ring symbolically represents her family whom she loves. It is of great value to her.