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Becoming A Mom For The First Time

According to a Chinese proverb:

“You will understand a mother’s love when you will bear your own child”

For most women’s becoming a mom for the first time is a very exciting event. All the stages through which a mother passes in order to give birth to a baby are very exciting and wonderful. A mother carry baby in her womb for nine months and faces all the difficulties.

The feeling of giving birth to a baby is an indescribable feeling. When a mother holds the baby in her arms for the first time, she forgets all the troubles and discomforts that she had faced during the whole period of pregnancy.

Giving birth to a child for the first time is still considered as the epitome of self-sacrifice.  A mother has to go through the morning sickness which consists of nausea and vomiting. When the baby is born, the daily routine of a couple’s life disrupt. Adjustments are done in every routine of life like the time for cooking, time to get off from work and the time at which we can sleep.

The parents life revolves around the baby after its birth. Parents not only make adjustments in their daily routine but they also take care of even the minor needs of a baby. A women’s life is said to be complete after the birth of a baby.

But all this is not easy to handle for a woman who is giving birth to a child for the first time. 

Signs of Pregnancy:

The women’s who become pregnant for the first time do not notice that they are pregnant until the appearance of major symptoms or after using the pregnancy test kit. Below are given some points that will help you to identify that whether you are pregnant or not:

1. Tender nipples:

About three weeks after the conception, the breasts start becoming tender. They may also feel swollen.  Color of areola changes and it acquires a much darker color and also increases in diameter. All these changes occur because the body makes some adjustments to prepare for breast feeding.

2. Slight spotting: 

The time when the embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus, pink spotting may occur. It can be accompanies by cramping. At this time the uterus achieves its mid position and during the second trimester the pelvis starts to support pelvis.

3. Extreme fatigue:

The most common feeling observed in pregnant women is fatigue or feeling exhausted even if she has not done a great amount of work. The reason for this is the hormonal changes that occur during this time. 

4. Fainting:

Sometimes you might feel that you are going to faint. The reason is that, when the uterus grows larger in size it compresses the major arteries in the legs leading to a fall of blood pressure and fainting. 

5. Nausea and vomiting:

This is known as morning sickness which can appear even in the first week of pregnancy. Some women’s feel nausea in the afternoon or evening while some feel it throughout the day. 

6. Frequent urination:

Frequent urination occurs when the fetus starts to grow and it starts putting a pressure on your bladder. 

7. Constipation :

Constipation occurs under the influence of hormones which slow the movement of bile. This occurs mostly in the early part of pregnancy.

8. Irritability:

Irritability occurs when you feel a combination of above mentioned symptoms. This symptom is manageable if you get rest; eat a healthy diet and plenty of sleep.

Things Pregnant Women Should do:

Below are given some tips that should be followed by pregnant women’s:

1. Regular Medical Exams: 

it is very necessary for a pregnant women to monitor the progress of pregnancy. This will help to avoid any problems and complications. Follow the doctor’s advice. A doctor will advice you the medications and supplements that you should take and the food that you should eat or avoid. He will also provide you dietary prescription such as taking milk daily.

2. Check your immunity :

pregnant women should always avoid coming in contact with diseases like measles and chicken pox which can harm the fetus. You should make sure that you are vaccinated, to avoid any complications and abnormalities in the baby.

3. Eating :

a pregnant women should take a proper healthy diet rich in proteins which is essential for the development of the baby. She should be aware of the proper amounts of all the minerals, vitamins, fat and fibers that can be ingested. 

4. Avoid negative emotions:

The mood of a mother is also very important for the development of baby. You should avoid emotions like anger. 

5. Inform your doctor on your family history:

it is important that a doctor should be aware of all the pre-existing conditions. This will help the doctor in taking appropriate decisions for prescribing medicines

Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do:

1. You should not smoke:

Smoking is very dangerous for a baby, so it is important that you don’t smoke or come in contact with people who are smoking. Smoking either actively or passively can cause spontaneous abortion, underweight babies and infantile deaths.

2. You should not drink alcohol:

Alcohol is also prohibited during the pregnancy because it can also cause abnormalities in fetus. 

3. You should not take prescription drugs or over-the counter medicines:

Don’t take any medications by yourself. Take only medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. This is necessary because some drugs can cross the placental barrier and reach the fetus causing serious birth defects.

4. You should not drink coffee:

Most of the drinks contain caffeine. Intake of drinks that contain caffeine increases the baby’s risk of having diabetes. 

5. You should avoid stress:

The health and physical growth of a baby will also be affected if the mother is taking too much stress. 

6. Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals such as paint thinner, pesticides and household cleaning products as they can cause harmful effects to the new born.