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A Daily Prayer For A Woman That Facing Infertility

At the upcoming mother’s day, I have good news for all those who do not have a child.

There are many people in this world, that are helping other people in making their life better and making them happy but their own life is incomplete because they don’t have a child.

Many nurses, doctors and midwives are there who gives life to people and help to bring babies in this world but they don’t have a child of their own. But I have a good news for all of them.

In the Bible it is written, God: "settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord"? Psalm 113:9. I would like to share a story with you given in Bible. It’s about The King of Egypt and Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah.

The King ordered the midwives: “when you go to Hebrew women to help her in delivery, and if a boy is born, kill him, but if a girl is born then leave her.” But the midwives did not follow the order of The King of Egypt because they feared the God. They let the boys live.

When King Pharaoh came to know about this, he called the midwives and asked them,” why did you let the boys live? Why didn’t you follow my orders?”  The midwives answered,” The Hebrew women’s are very strong, they are not like Egyptians. They give birth and do not wait for the midwives to come.”

The amount of people increased and become numerous, this all happened because the midwives feared God and they didn’t follow the commands of King of Egypt. God loved this act of midwives and gave then a family of their own. Exodus 1:15-22.

Pharaoh did not want the Israelites generation to survive and for this reason he ordered to kill the boys. He needed the co-operation of midwives so that he can achieve his goal of killing the boys and leaving the girls alive. For the King it was a big problem to get the co-operation of midwives.

The king’s plan was solely dependent on midwives because the Egyptian nurses did not like to attend the slave women. The Egyptian women didn’t attend the slave women even if their religion allowed it

The birth process was carried out in the presence of a woman of the same race and this was considered as normal practice.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the Hebrew midwives became very important to carry out the orders of King. The midwives received the orders directly from Pharaoh.

Pharaoh ordered the midwives to kill the boys even before they take the first breath. Pharaoh wanted the midwives to kill the boys by suffocating them so that it was not recorded as a live birth.

Shiprah and Puah, the two Hebrew midwives were unsuccessful in fulfilling the King’s order. The population was not decreasing and the Hebrew women’s continue to give birth to the baby boys.

When the King didn’t see any change in the population, he called the two midwives. He wanted to know the reason that why they let the Hebrew boys live and didn’t follow his command.

The midwives had already prepared an answer of this question. They told the King,” The Hebrew women’s are very strong, they are not like Egyptians. They give birth and do not wait for the midwives to come.”

The Hebrew women’s took very little time to give birth. They were very fast and they gave birth before the midwives arrive. By the time the midwives reached, the baby was born and breathing.

The plan of the two midwives worked. They knew that pharaoh would not order to murder the baby boy after they have been recorded as live birth. This is because he did not want to be accused of murdering the baby boys.

Their prediction was right. The King accepted their answer and allowed them to continue their work. We have been told that, for this act of the midwives, the God granted them the family of their own.

I know that you have brought joy to lives of many people by helping them and I want to convey this message through this article that God has not forgotten you. This thought comes in many people’s mind that God has forgotten you, but I want to tell you that he loves you and he will never forget you.

God says: Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! (Isaiah 49:15). This verse clearly mentions this fact that God never forgets you; he is always with you whether you are happy or sad.

The purpose of telling you the story of midwives was that, the God gave the midwives a family of their own because of their fear of God and their kind deeds.

In this way God will also bless you because of all the good works that you have done. He will bless you with his mercy. He will fulfill your wishes. You just have to ask for it. When you have made your wish, pray this prayer.


O lord. I thank you; for you are good and your love will last forever. I thank you for remembering me. You remembered Hannah and you granted Samuel to her. Now you have remembered me also and I thank you for coming to my womb with a child.

I believe that you have come to give me my own child. No more infertility now in my life. Please cover me with your shield. I thank you Lord for being gracious to me.

Lord has blessed me and everything fears him. I will tell everyone about the God’s blessing on me. O lord you blessed the two midwives with their own families and I thank you for blessing me also in Jesus name. Amen.

The Potty Training For A Mother Of A Newly Born Baby

The birth of a baby is a moment of joy for everyone especially for the parents. The parents are happy at the time of arrival of the baby but at the same time they are worried also because they don’t have proper knowledge about how to raise a baby.

Initially they face problems like how to make babies sleep, what should they do to save their baby from cold, what foods are good for them until the age of nine months, when they can start giving solid foods to their baby, how to handle the baby when he/she has teething pain etc.  They have to face many difficulties in order to take good care of their baby.

Many people around us give different advice on these problems.  We should not listen to everyone’s advice because we don’t know that how much knowledge they have and whether their advice is good for the baby or not. In order to take good care of the baby, the parents should educate themselves through reliable resources like parental books, websites etc. this is very important for the proper growth and training of a baby.

Here we will use the example of “potty training” to explain you properly. The potty training has a total of seven stages. The potty training starts when your child starts showing signs of readiness and it ends when they are able to use toilet away from home.

Signs of Readiness: this is the first stage of potty training and it starts when your child starts showing signs of readiness. The most important sign is when they express verbally or through body language to go for potty or when they are interested in potty.

The other important signs are: they start feeling uncomfortable in wet diapers, stay dry for two hours, have started imitating family members, being able to dress and undress, interested in big kids underwear and have regular bowel movements.

Introduction to the Idea of Potty Training: The best time to introduce your child to the concept of using potty is when he shows the majority of above mentioned signs. At this time you can start training your child by reading a potty training book at bedtime or showing him a potty training video or DVD.

You can also act in front of your child to train him. For this buy a potty chair and show him the right way. Your child will try to imitate you and in this way he will learn how to use a potty chair.

Sit on the Potty: When you have introduced your child to the potty training concept, your child will try to imitate you and your family members and will start using potty chair when you are using the bathroom. This is also the time when you can teach your child good hygiene. Tell your child the ways of wiping and washing hands after using potty.
Use the Potty Sometimes: after giving the initial training you should start giving your child plenty of fluids and make a habit of taking him to potty after every 30 minutes. This practice will help to build your child’s memory.

It is very important to appreciate and encourage your child when he uses the potty for the first time. You can do this by giving your child a big hug or giving a small reward or words of encouragement. This will help to motivate your child for using potty.

Use the Potty Alone: when you feel that your child has become comfortable with the potty then it is the time when you should start leaving him for using the potty alone. When your child comes to tell you that he wants to go to potty then let him go alone if he does not start crying. Always encourage your child to go for potty alone. 

Transition to the Toilet: when your child has become comfortable in using the potty seat alone then at this time you should start thinking about switching him towards using toilet. Initially your child will be afraid of going to the toilet but he will become comfortable as the time passes.

Many children do not start using toilets because they have a fear of falling in. if your child has this fear then you will have to purchase toilet seat adapter like PRIMO’S Ducka toilet adapter or Flip-N-Flush. These devices help to reduce the size of toilet hole and thus make your child comfortable and fearless in using the toilet.

Use Potty Away From Home: this is the last stage of potty training. The potty training completes when your child is able to use the potty away from home. Nowadays many disposable toilet seats are available that can be used in public toilets.

These seats are easy to carry and it will save your child from coming in contact with germs while using public toilet seats. In some public toilets there is a system of auto-flush which continues to flush when the sensor does not detect anyone sitting on the toilet seat.

As the children’s have a very light weight, these sensors may fail to detect your child sitting on the toilet seat and may flush repeatedly. This can scare your child. To solve this problem, you can buy flush-stopper to stop the auto flushing while your child is using the toilet.

The time duration of potty training depends from children to children. Some children will learn these seven stages within weeks but some might take several months to learn this lesson completely.

The time duration of potty training of your child also depends on your knowledge about potty training, the time that you give to train your child, the stage of development of your child and the potty training products that you are using to train your child.

The potty training of a child is very important. If you know the right ways to train your child then you won’t face any difficulties.

The Secret For Getting The Easiest Mother's Day Gift

Most of the people who come to shopping for mother’s day are husbands, fathers and children. They are generally not very good shoppers.

They struggle a lot in finding the right gift for mother’s day. But these people are lucky because the person to whom they are giving a gift accepts any gift without making faces.

A mother has unconditional love for every family member. She accepts any gift whether it is a stuffed toy or a dust buster.

Here you will find the secret for getting the easiest Mother’s day gift. You can either buy a readymade gift or you can make one by yourself. One of the best gifts for mother’s day is a gift basket.

A gift basket contains a group of small gifts which are selected according to a theme and then they are arranged in a beautiful container, usually a wicker basket is used. The gift baskets are easily available in the market. You can also search a basket online. If you order a basket online then they will deliver you the basket at home.

The gift Basket is the easiest gift that you can get. These baskets are made keeping in mind the needs of a mother. They are the most convenient gifts, available at almost all local stores including the grocery stores.. It can be easily created at home and it is fun to prepare these baskets. You mom might not have received such type of gift before.

Now the grocery stores not only keep the grocery items but they also keep many other items. They make different sections which may include a pharmacy area which also have the beauty products, books and stationery section, house ware isle, small appliances and kitchen gadgets isle. With all these things you can create a wonderful gift basket for mother’s day.

You might face some problem in finding the large wicker baskets in your area. Most of the small grocery stores do not keep such type of items in their store but they might have other items which you can use in place of a wicker basket.

You will have to look for things that can be used in place of a wicker basket. It is not necessary to use an old fashioned traditional basket for mother’s day gift. You can use any basket that looks good and can handle the gifts.

It is better that you shop from a super grocery store that contains everything from a lettuce to furniture, camping gear, clothing, electronics and car batteries. This will make your shopping easier as you will get everything from a single shop which will save your time and energy. You won’t have to go to different stores in search of things and you will also get wicker basket easily at big stores.

If you are having a problem in selection of gifts then you can seek help from other people. If you have children’s who are big enough then they can help you in planning the gift basket and in finding the items that will be included in the basket.

It is better that you get an idea from them before going to the grocery store so that the sopping becomes easy for you and you won’t have to spend much time in thinking about the gifts that you will buy. Look and pick those items that you think your mother will like.

For example if you have decided to make a gift basket for mother’s day using beauty products or products for relaxation purpose then the items that you can put into your basket would be moisturizing soaps, pedicure kit, and bath oils.

Items like facial masks and deep conditioning hair treatments are also good options. There are many options available in this category of gift. If you don’t get a gift basket then you can use a snack bowl, a foot massage machine or a plastic food container for presenting the gift.

The other category of gift that you can find easily in the gift store is the books, cards and stationery isle. If your mom likes to read books then this can be a very good gift basket for your mom. You can include novels, interesting books, puzzle magazines, journals and other interesting magazines in the basket.

You can also include stationery items like an ink pen in the basket. At the isle you can also get gift bags and wrapping papers, so in case if you don’t find a wicker basket then you can use this gift bag to present the gift.

The grocery stores also have small house ware aisle. At the house ware isle you can get small appliances, kitchen gadgets, plastic food storage containers and many other items which are worth giving. Kitchen gadgets are always useful for mothers, so start shopping with the kitchen gadgets.

The kids might have a better idea about which kitchen gadgets are there at your home. There is a wide variety of kitchen gadgets available in the store which can be very useful for a mom. Small kitchen appliances like an electric knife can prove to be a great gift.

Different dishes and carvings like thanksgiving turkey and Christmas roast beef can be prepared easily with the help of an electric knife. A mom would not buy such stuffs for herself in order to save money. These kitchen items are very good for giving as a gift to your mom. When you have gathered all the gifts, arrange them all in a large food storage container or a flexible aluminum turkey roaster.

The grocery store food items are also a good option for mother’s day gift basket. You can buy all those items that you don’t usually buy in the normal grocery shopping. The things like gourmet expensive bags of cookies, special boxes of chocolate truffles, jar of macadamia nuts, bag of freshly ground designer coffee etc. all the items mentioned above can be easily found at any grocery store.

Becoming A Mom For The First Time

According to a Chinese proverb:

“You will understand a mother’s love when you will bear your own child”

For most women’s becoming a mom for the first time is a very exciting event. All the stages through which a mother passes in order to give birth to a baby are very exciting and wonderful. A mother carry baby in her womb for nine months and faces all the difficulties.

The feeling of giving birth to a baby is an indescribable feeling. When a mother holds the baby in her arms for the first time, she forgets all the troubles and discomforts that she had faced during the whole period of pregnancy.

Giving birth to a child for the first time is still considered as the epitome of self-sacrifice.  A mother has to go through the morning sickness which consists of nausea and vomiting. When the baby is born, the daily routine of a couple’s life disrupt. Adjustments are done in every routine of life like the time for cooking, time to get off from work and the time at which we can sleep.

The parents life revolves around the baby after its birth. Parents not only make adjustments in their daily routine but they also take care of even the minor needs of a baby. A women’s life is said to be complete after the birth of a baby.

But all this is not easy to handle for a woman who is giving birth to a child for the first time. 

Signs of Pregnancy:

The women’s who become pregnant for the first time do not notice that they are pregnant until the appearance of major symptoms or after using the pregnancy test kit. Below are given some points that will help you to identify that whether you are pregnant or not:

1. Tender nipples:

About three weeks after the conception, the breasts start becoming tender. They may also feel swollen.  Color of areola changes and it acquires a much darker color and also increases in diameter. All these changes occur because the body makes some adjustments to prepare for breast feeding.

2. Slight spotting: 

The time when the embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus, pink spotting may occur. It can be accompanies by cramping. At this time the uterus achieves its mid position and during the second trimester the pelvis starts to support pelvis.

3. Extreme fatigue:

The most common feeling observed in pregnant women is fatigue or feeling exhausted even if she has not done a great amount of work. The reason for this is the hormonal changes that occur during this time. 

4. Fainting:

Sometimes you might feel that you are going to faint. The reason is that, when the uterus grows larger in size it compresses the major arteries in the legs leading to a fall of blood pressure and fainting. 

5. Nausea and vomiting:

This is known as morning sickness which can appear even in the first week of pregnancy. Some women’s feel nausea in the afternoon or evening while some feel it throughout the day. 

6. Frequent urination:

Frequent urination occurs when the fetus starts to grow and it starts putting a pressure on your bladder. 

7. Constipation :

Constipation occurs under the influence of hormones which slow the movement of bile. This occurs mostly in the early part of pregnancy.

8. Irritability:

Irritability occurs when you feel a combination of above mentioned symptoms. This symptom is manageable if you get rest; eat a healthy diet and plenty of sleep.

Things Pregnant Women Should do:

Below are given some tips that should be followed by pregnant women’s:

1. Regular Medical Exams: 

it is very necessary for a pregnant women to monitor the progress of pregnancy. This will help to avoid any problems and complications. Follow the doctor’s advice. A doctor will advice you the medications and supplements that you should take and the food that you should eat or avoid. He will also provide you dietary prescription such as taking milk daily.

2. Check your immunity :

pregnant women should always avoid coming in contact with diseases like measles and chicken pox which can harm the fetus. You should make sure that you are vaccinated, to avoid any complications and abnormalities in the baby.

3. Eating :

a pregnant women should take a proper healthy diet rich in proteins which is essential for the development of the baby. She should be aware of the proper amounts of all the minerals, vitamins, fat and fibers that can be ingested. 

4. Avoid negative emotions:

The mood of a mother is also very important for the development of baby. You should avoid emotions like anger. 

5. Inform your doctor on your family history:

it is important that a doctor should be aware of all the pre-existing conditions. This will help the doctor in taking appropriate decisions for prescribing medicines

Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do:

1. You should not smoke:

Smoking is very dangerous for a baby, so it is important that you don’t smoke or come in contact with people who are smoking. Smoking either actively or passively can cause spontaneous abortion, underweight babies and infantile deaths.

2. You should not drink alcohol:

Alcohol is also prohibited during the pregnancy because it can also cause abnormalities in fetus. 

3. You should not take prescription drugs or over-the counter medicines:

Don’t take any medications by yourself. Take only medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. This is necessary because some drugs can cross the placental barrier and reach the fetus causing serious birth defects.

4. You should not drink coffee:

Most of the drinks contain caffeine. Intake of drinks that contain caffeine increases the baby’s risk of having diabetes. 

5. You should avoid stress:

The health and physical growth of a baby will also be affected if the mother is taking too much stress. 

6. Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals such as paint thinner, pesticides and household cleaning products as they can cause harmful effects to the new born.

The Easy Five Steps To Make Mother’s Ring Online

Mother’s ring is a very good gift for any mother. You can gift the ring at any occasion you want whether it is Christmas, mother’s day, birthday or anniversary.

Many people don’t know the correct method of making a ring especially when they are ordering it online.

Many customers do not have any idea that how the ring will look when it is completed because they have not seen it before.

Some companies have now started offering sample rings so that the customer can have a look before placing the order.

These rings are manufactured from copper and synthetic stones. It is better that you first order a sample ring so that you can have an idea of the ring’s and birthstones. This is very important if you are thinking of buying an expensive ring, so first order a sample ring and then place the order for the ring that you want to gift.

Below are given some easy steps to make mother’s ring online. There are a total of 5 steps.

1. Choose the style: different people have different choices. Some like a vintage look while others like a contemporary look. This depends totally on you that which style of ring you like.

You can have your name engraved on next to the birthstone or you can just keep it simple with birthstones only. Nowadays mother’s ring is available with matching mother’s pendant. This completes the jewelry set and also looks good. It depends on you that whether you prefer a simple design or an abstract design.
2. Select the karat gold and color: the mother’s rings are available in white or yellow gold. Both colors look good but it is better that you find out what color she likes in gold material. If you are planning to give a surprise then look other jewelries of her and through this try to find out what color she likes to wear.

Nowadays most people like white gold but the old traditional people prefer yellow gold. I think that birth stones go look better with white color gold, like diamond and sapphire looks very good with white gold. Some stones like ruby look good with yellow gold. The rings are available in 10 karat and as well as 14 karat.

3. Select the size of ring: finding a ring size is not a tough job to do. It is very easy to find. Websites are now offering ring resizing for free. You can also print printable ring sizer. For finding the accurate size you can order a ring sizer made up of metal which indicates the correct size of the finger.

If you don’t want order a ring sizer than you can go to a professional jeweler. I would suggest you to buy a mother’s ring from the online store that offers you ring resizing for free; this is because you haven’t seen the ring at the time of placing the order.

If the ring is not of proper size then you can easily resize it for free otherwise you will have to pay extra money for resizing if you are not buying it from the store that offers free resizing. Buy a ring from any professional jeweler because they offer many free services. If you are buying it from e-tailers then they might charge extra money for other services.

4. Select number of stones: many customers order mother’s and father’s birthstones to include in the ring but it is your choice that which family member you want to include in the mother’s ring. Some customers prefer to order rings with children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones.

The original mother’s ring includes children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones. It has two wedding bands which represent mother and father and in the middle children’s mother stones are present.

5. Select the birthstones: the birthstones differ from person to person. There are different birthstones for different months like diamond for April, sapphire for September and ruby for July. If your birthstone is expensive then you can select an alternative birthstone like you can buy white sapphire or white zircon instead of diamond.

You should try to select birthstones that are genuine. Mother’s ring comes in stones of different shapes and sizes. The stones are available in round shape, oval shape, princess cut (square), heart shape and baguettes.

Among these the round shape stones are most popular and also traditional. You can see the diagrams of ring on the website.

Before ordering you can select the shape, size and location of the stones. If you have a creative mind then you can create your own design of ring and place the stones on right locations to make them look good.

For example if you have two children’s who were born in the month of May and their birthstone is emerald then you don’t place them next to each other. It would be better if you place the two stones with some distance in between and place a big stone like diamond in that empty space to make it look better.
Purchasing a mother’s ring online is fun to do and is also very easy. You just have to place an order according to your likeness and preferences. The ring will be delivered to you. This also helps to save your precious time which you would have wasted in searching for a gift at different stores.

You can also search for different varieties at different websites and you can also compare their prices so that you can get a ring at an affordable price. Before placing the order, make sure that the jeweler is offering free service after you have purchased the rings.

This will reduce your expense of repairing and resizing of ring. She will really like this gift and she will keep it with her every time because this ring symbolically represents her family whom she loves. It is of great value to her.

Pilates For Healthy Pregnancy

The Pilates was introduced by Joseph Pilates about eighty years ago. Many of us think that it is some a new form of an exercise but this is a wrong concept .Recently Pilates has gained popularity in the healthcare industry and fitness.

Joseph Pilates was a child who remained sick most of the time. He had asthma. In order to find a cure for his illness and to improve the strength of his body he experimented on different things.

Because of his experimentation he developed various exercises and concepts which helped him to accomplish his goal of becoming a diver, gymnast, skier and boxer.

When he was in imprisonment in England during WWI, he taught this exercises and concepts to other prisoners. He had learned all this over a duration of 20 years by self study and through yoga, Zen and other physical regimens. He also devised a system of original floor exercise called “Pilates matwork”.

He also nursed many internees who were suffering from physical injuries and wartime disease. As a nurse he designed some exercise apparatuses to rehabilitate bedridden patients. He did this by taking out springs from the beds and made chains of it to create resistance for bedridden patients. This technique has been adopted by many body conditioning styles of today.

The techniques and equipments of Pilates have not changes so much in the modern days. You will notice that still there is use of straps, spring tension, supports for back, neck and shoulders. The equipments have been designed in such a way that it can support and as well as test the body’s ability as it learns to move efficiently.
Pilates first achievement was the opening of his studio in New York in 1926.

He installed his exercises apparatuses and he used more than 300 therapies to improve the health of dancers and athletes.

He had a determination to help others and to improve their health. Through this method of Pilates, many athletes, dancers and physical therapy patients gained fitness and they relied on this method for about 60 years. This was a secret for about sixty years.

Many women’s have misconceptions about the Pilates movement therapy exercises for pregnant woman and for woman after delivery of the baby. The Pilates is a very safe exercise for pregnant women’s to assist in breathing movements and body alignments. It is also good for women’s after the delivery, to improve their shape and tone of the body.

The main focus of the Pilates is on breathing movements. It helps to promote relaxation and to increase the tone of tranverse abdominus muscle. The tranversus abdominus is a  muscle in the region of abdomen.

It is the deepest muscle of the abdomen and its function is to support the lumbar spine and the pelvic region at times when ligaments get relax due to the action of a hormone called relaxin, which is released during pregnancy and nursing stages by the body.

Lateral breathing is also an important part of Pilates fitness. The lateral breathing helps to increase the mobility of rib cage which is very helpful when the range of motion is limited in the region of diaphragm due to the higher position of baby in 3rd semester.

One of the most common side effects of pregnancy os the back pain. The problem of back pain occurs because the abdominal muscles, spine and pelvis have lost much of its strength during pregnancy. The pain will continue to occur unless the muscles and spines are strengthened.

Pilates is the way by which you can strengthen the tranversus abdominus muscle reducing the back pain. It will also improve the postural alignment and will help during the labor for quicker pregnancy.

The research that was carried out showed that through activation of transversus abdominus, the muscles become strong and flexible to aid the birth process. It also activates the pelvic floor. Pilates will also help to solve the problem of incontinence that is experienced by most pregnant women’s during and after pregnancy.

The Pilates is not a very stressful exercise and its impact is also very low. Any pregnant woman can do this without experiencing much pain and stress on lower joints. The heart rate also does not increase as it is not a very rapid form of exercise. Pilates help to prepare the women for child birth by stretching and toning exercises which increases the stamina and flexibility of hip joints.

The Pilate apparatuses are also available that aid the exercise. These apparatus includes: a reformer, which is a moving carriage on a bed, the trapeze table to hang from and the wunda chair which has springs to create resistance.

It is not necessary to have the exercise apparatuses for doing exercise. You can do exercise on mat along with some small pillows or cushions to support the head. You can also use foam rollers, therabands and the magic circle if you need extra resistance.

The Pilates exercise is not the same for every stage of pregnancy. Some modifications are done mostly during second and third semester as the belly increases in size by that time. At this stage most exercise are done seated upright or side lying.

You can also do exercise in supine position but the head should be elevated 30 degrees above the heart with the help of a pillow for about 5 minutes and then turn to the side for a break.

This increases the blood flow and the amount of oxygen in blood. Leg work on the wunda chair is a very famous exercise among pregnant women’s who do Pilates. The method is to sit on a small stool and push the lever down with your feet. The springs are attached to the lever. This exercise helps to activate abdominal muscles and conditions legs. This helps to stabilize pelvis.

Before starting training from a Pilate instructor, it is very important to check if your trainer is certified or not.

The Natural Remedies From Grandma

I remember the old days when the grandmother used natural remedies to treat the illnesses. Like, to treat cold she would put a warm mustard pack on the congested chest.

To treat itchy skin she used to apply a mixture of chaparral and olive oil and for earache she used a clove of garlic.

The natural remedies are passed down from generation to generation and they are sometimes very useful in treating the illnesses. The natural remedies came into being and have survived up till now because of the long distances between the towns, lack of medical professionals and money.

The natural remedies are still followed by many people, but since many years these remedies have not remained in their original form. They have been mixed with some false remedies due to which its reliability for treating illnesses has decreased.

For example remedies like placing spices under the pillow to improve memory,  predicting future by reading tea leaves, or hanging herbs to help children cut teeth etc has diverted the minds of many people from the curative effects of the hers.

This is the reason that most medical practitioners does not believe in the curative power of herbs and they regard it as old-wives tales. But still there are some medical professionals who think that herbs can help to cure various diseases. So the natural remedies have made a comeback.

In past when synthetic drugs were not manufactured, the only means for treating the disease was the herbs. The herbs were used to heal the wounds, to improve various body functions and to treat various illnesses. The synthetic drugs that are manufactured today have been made after studying the curative properties of herbs. These drugs mimic the actions of various herbs.

Now the question arises that, how did the men come to know about the healing power of herbs?  It started when the humans were living along with the wild animals in the forests and caves.

The men noticed animals’ using different natural things to cure their problem like a wounded bear prevents infection by rolling in mud, animals bitten by snake used to chew snakeroot which helped them to survive, deer with rheumatoid rests under sunrays to make joints more flexible etc.

Animals still use herbs to cure their problems but men’s have strayed from this path and have created their own remedies which are sometimes very costly, less effective and have many side effects.

It is better to work with nature so that we can decrease our chances of getting diseases and can lead a healthy life.

Abundant resources are available for healing purpose, but now it’s our job to look for it.

To prove my point I would like to highlight the multiple uses of a herb known as noxious or disposable weed.

Common Burdock can be found in Midwest United States intercropped with corn and wheat. The common Burdock when harvested for its roots can cure different skin problems.

The burdock acts as a blood purifier and it also helps in curing different skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, canker sores, boils and syphilitic sores. For this reason it is also known as ‘king’ of herbs in treating skin problems.

Method of making medicinal tea: take 1 quart of water and boil it. Reduce the heat and add 4 teaspoons of burdock root (cut and dried). Then cover it and simmer for about seven minutes. Remove from heat and let it cool down. You can drink a minimum of two cups per day but you can also take more if the problem persists. It can also be used to wash the affected skin areas.

Burdock root can also be used to clear kidney and gallstones if used in combination with catnip. To make tea, boil four cups of water and add 2 tablespoons of burdock (either fresh or dried and chopped). After putting the burdock reduce heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes. After removing from heat, add 3 teaspoons of chopped fresh or dried catnip leaf. Strain after one and a half hour.

To make it sweet you can add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and half teaspoon of blackstrap molasses or pure maple syrup. Make sure that you drink the tea slowly and after finishing the tea take 1 tablespoon of pure extra virgin olive oil 10 minutes later.

This tea is a very good solution for breaking up or partially dissolving the stones and it also helps to sooth the irritated tissues. It should be taken three times a day. The olive oil used in the remedy helps to expel the stones more easily by acting as a lubricant. It is important to avoid things like fried foods, red meat, soft drinks, refined carbohydrates, or poultry products during the treatment process.

John Heinerman, a renowned author and medical anthropologist recommends taking the last cup of tea at bedtime along with oil and sleeping at right side. This will help to remove stones.

To treat acne and blemishes, make a powder of burdock root and mix it with dried red clover and dandelion root. Pack this in gel capsules. Recommended dosage is two times a day.

Red clover if used with burdock also helps in treating cancer and thinning blood. Dandelion can be used for treatment of warts and liver spots and it can also be given to patients of diabetes mellitus because it has high insulin content.

Chamomile can be used for treating inflammation of eyelids. Garlic helps to improve immune system and it can also be used as an antibiotic.

Fruits and vegetables are also a good source for improving health and immune system. Cabbage is  a good source of calcium and it is also used to treat duodenal ulcers. Celery is a good diuretic while radish can cure diseases of liver and gall bladder. Spinach and beets helps in increasing hemoglobin.

It should be taken care that natural remedies should not be used along with the synthetic medicines until and unless the doctor has a proper knowledge about both of them. Use of natural remedies along with synthetic drugs can be harmful at some instances like grapefruit which can reduce cholesterol should not be taken with cholesterol reducing synthetic drugs.

Breast Cancer: My Way To Combat This Killer Disease And Its Treatment

Most of us are afraid of the word chemotherapy as we have heard a lot about the adverse effects of this treatment. We have seen in many movies that how this therapy affects the person receiving it.

Unfortunately I also had to go through this process as I had breast cancer. Sometimes the cancer isn’t so painful but passing through the stages of chemotherapy makes us sick.

The chemo drugs have not changed much. The effects of chemo drugs can be different in different people but it is doable if management is done properly and proper care is taken.

I was only 39 years old when I was diagnosed with cancer. 8 out of 10 lymph nodes were affected and the tumor was about 5.8cm in size. The stage of my cancer was llla.

I lost hope when I heard that it’s the 3rd stage but then I found online breast cancer support group at WebMD. That group gave me a lot of hope. The chemo drugs that were given to me include Adriamycin and Cytoxan.  After completing four rounds of these drugs, I was given Cytoxan, Taxol and Cisplatin. When I was going through this chemotherapy I learned about how to survive chemotherapy.

It is better that you get a port so that the drugs can be given easily. a port is a line that is inserted just below your collar bone and it reaches to a vein in your chest. For inserting the port a quick surgery is done but it can also be inserted at the time of mastectomy.

If you don’t get a port then the drugs will be injected intravenously for which the doctors will do multiple attempts to find a vein. This can be very painful. But if you have a port then a needle will be attached to the port and then the drugs will be given. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable with the port but there is a cream called Emla cream which can be applied before accessing the port so that the skin becomes numb.

Most of the side effects of chemo drugs occur because they cause the death of rapidly dividing cells. Due to this, the mucous membranes and the hair follicles are also affected.

This causes hair fall, nausea, vomiting and sores of mouth and throat. Most people are afraid of chemotherapy because of the hair fall but don’t be afraid because most of the side effects are manageable.  It is better that you get a wig before the chemo starts.

Look for different colors and styles and choose the one that suites you most. Tell your doctor to prescribe a drug for nausea and vomiting so that you can take it whenever you need.

On the first day of chemo, mostly corticosteroids are given through port or intravenously. This will help to treat nausea but it may also make you hungry. My advice to you is that don’t eat your favorite food on the day of chemotherapy.

When the chemo is over you may find some associations, like when I was going through chemo I loved the fragrance of cucumber melon but now I don’t like it because it reminds me of my worst days. It can also occur with food items.

The most important thing is that you should drink lots of water because the chemo drugs can have harmful effects on your bladder. Drink as much as you can. If you can not drink too much water then try to have broth, jello, or popsicles. If your doctor has given regular medications for nausea, then take it regularly whether you have nausea or not.

If you don’t take the drugs on time and nausea occurs then it is very hard to treat it, so take your medicines on time. Sometimes it is very hard to find the right drugs for the treatment of your nausea but once the right drug has been found then the chemo will become somewhat easy for you. The drugs will also be given to you for the treatment of sores of mouth and throat. These should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Most people get tired from this treatment. Sometimes It becomes very hard to continue the treatment because of all the side effects that one has to bear.

Besides this, the chemotherapy also decreases the white blood cell count as the treatment progresses. This makes the patient very tired. It also reduces the natural immune response of body due to which it cannot resist the infections any more. The chance of getting infections increases during this time.

Always keep with you some purell or sanitizers so that you can use it every time you touch things like door handles of public restrooms, garbage stuffs etc.  This will reduce your chances of getting infected.

The hair fall if occurs, typically starts in about ten to fifteen days of the first chemotherapy treatment. It is better to cut your hairs short if they are long. Do this before the chemotherapy starts. I remember the time when my hairs started falling. I used to be very upset those days.

When the hairs start to fall, they fall in large clumps and fall very quickly. This is very traumatic because every day you see the clump of hairs on your pillow and also on the drain. I tried to figure out this problem. I cut my hairs short before the chemo started and during the chemo when my hairs start to fall, I told my husband to bring the clippers and shave my head. You can also make styles with short hairs. You can also use wig to cover your head.

This was my way to combat this killer disease and its treatment. If you are suffering through this then you should follow the above mentioned things. This will boost your hope to fight against the side effects of chemotherapy. Don’t lose your hope and always look for ways to overcome the side effects.