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Using Steam Carpet Cleaning

In the steam carpet cleaning the hot water is sprayed by the tools, the cleaning solution is also injected into the carpet with deep pressure through nozzles. The vacuum pumps also used over the carpets for soaking the dirt and stains.

The water gets into the fiber and reaches up till the backing. It dissolves all the embedded soil; remove the stains of oil and grease. It makes the carpet clean and make it overall appearance like new one.

There are many different types and models of steam carpet cleaners in the market. The models range from small portables to very powerful truck mount units. What so ever model you choose the working principle is same for all.

The mounted truck unit is basically for those who want the wand and the hose to clean some of the affected areas. They are very powerful and generate the high vacuum to gather the dirt and stains and deliver the hot water. They usually use gas, propane or fuel to run the truck’s motor.

In order to remove the soil efficiently and to get the high capable production, most of the professional cleaners, fiber producers and carpet manufactures use the above mentioned technologies.

However the problem associated with stream cleaning is that it causes the over wetness and takes long time to dry the carpet. But this problem can also be solved by hiring the drying equipment from the operators. Make sure that this equipment is well maintained and operate in the good condition.

There are two ways that are used with the steam carpet cleaning. These are:

1.    This method involves a traffic:

On the traffic areas the lane cleaner is being sprayed and then agitated in the fibers. Than with the hot water extractors, the whole carpet is cleaned by injecting the wand into the fibers.

2.     The second method involves a free :

In this method the rinse emulsifying sprayed on the whole carpet and then agitated from the fibers.

Steam cleaning procedures:

A.     Prepare the equipment and supplies: for cleaning the carpet first prepare the mixture of rising pre spray for pumping and the power sprayer. Mix the rising agent in the tank.

B.    If there is too much furniture in the home, find the floor where you can clean the carpet.

C.    Remove as much furniture as possible for washing the carpet.

D.    Vacuum the carpet. Also use the pile brush for piling the soils. This will make the vacuum easier.

E.    Spray the good amount of pre-spray mixture on the carpet.

F.    Use grooming tool for agitating spray and let it for 10 to 15 minutes but make sure that it does not dry.

G.     Remove the stains from the affected area by using the truck mounted, portable or automatic carpet cleaner.

H.    Repeat the step F and G for cleaning the entire area.

I.    Clean the area that is being used and place all the furniture from where it was removed. Also clean all the equipments that have been used in cleaning.