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The Greatness Of Berber Carpets

All of us know about the greatness of Berber carpet. The Berber carpet was named after the handmade texture bulky wool that was being used in the tribe of North Africa known as the Berber tribe.

Even today the Berber carpet follows the same tradition and made from the flecked bulky yarns to make the carpet attractive and beautiful.

This article will put light on the greatness of Berber carpets and its superiority over other types of carpet.

The carpet is unique:

The usage of flecked yarns is used to weave the Berber carpets. This yarn gives it a unique and stylish look and differentiates it from rest of the carpet types.

Choice in loop sizes:

There are different sizes of loops available in the Berber carpets and make it fit for the large knobby loop to the tight loops. The cut and loop designs, even level and multiple level loops are also available in the Berber carpets.

Hypo allergenic:

Berber carpet is used mostly in the children room because it is non-toxic and non allergenic carpet. It is made from wool and also stops the growth of bacteria.

Very comfortable:

The Berber carpets are made from the loops of wool with air pockets inside, this make it cushioned and softer feel to walk across it. Also it is used to regulate the temperature by working as insulation.


Berber carpets are the most durable one and they are very easy to be cleaned. The stains are easy to remove from the carpets and it resists the water stains.

Berber carpets are famous for its longevity and look as it is as it was at the time of installation. It never shows the marks of footprints and the lines of the vacuuming. The only problem with Berber is that loops can easily snag out and it damages the overall look of the carpet.


The Berber is the cheaper one than the nylon, olefin and other types. It also looks newer even after installation’s time and it give richer look in lower price.

Choices of colors:

The Berber carpets offer many colors and patterns to choose from. There are pastel shades, dark, earthen and neutral colors to choose from.

Hiding the sub floor:

The Berber carpets have high density and they are too thick. You can hide the problems in the flooring with the help of Berber carpets and do not need to repair the floor. Berber is the great choice for the old homes that require carpet re-done. It is most cost efficient carpet.

Grade variety:

Berber also comes in the variety of grades to choose from. It will tell you that how luxurious the carpet is. The Berber is most cost efficient in installation too. It is very easy to lie down, thus it saves the professional cost for installation as well as saves the time and efforts. Thus it is the most suitable and convenient choice for your home.