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Removing Pet, Wine And Ink Stains

Many types of products are available in the market to fight against the stains on the carpet.

The best product is one that can decrease or remove the dirt and spills completely. For cleaning the carpet when it has encountered the dirt or spill, you just need to fetch the best expensive cleaning product.

You can also clean the carpet by utilizing the product that is available at your home. These products can be detergent for the regular use, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice etc.

But it is very essential for you to understand the procedure involve in cleaning the carpet by these household products.

This article will help you in understanding the idea to fight against the pet, beer or wine and ink stains on carpet by using the different household products.

Pet stain:

To clean the stains caused by the pets, take one teaspoon of household ammonia and add it with half cup of chill water. Pour that solution in the spray bottle or apply that solution directly on the carpet. But make it sure that you are not making the carpet’s backing wet. After spray or applying the solution directly, clean the affected part by the help of paper towel. Blot the area and then let the area dry.

The other option is to make solution with the detergent or hand or dish soap, available in the kitchen. Add the detergent one quarter of teaspoon and water about one quart. But make sure that what so ever soap or detergent you use to clean the carpet, it must have bleaching agent or lanolin.

Another best way to get rid of the stain is the use of hot water. It can alone remove the stain by re-hydrating it. Steam cleaner is most commonly used method for getting rid from pet stains. After applying water dry the carpet thoroughly.

Ink stains:

1.    Isopropyl rubbing alcohol can be bought from the grocery store, for getting rid from stains.

2.    The alcohol can be applied by pouring it on white cloth or towel. Paper towel can also be used but only of white color.

3.    Rub the stain in order to remove it or at least make it lighter.

4.    If the stain is small, rub it only in a single direction. Be careful that you accidently do not spread it more.

Beer and wine stains:

1.    In order to fight against the stain caused by the beer or wine, mix the vinegar and water in equal amount.

2.    For absorbing the mixture in the stains, spray the solution over the stain.

3.    Leave the solution over the stain for 10 to 15 minutes.

4.    Rub the stain with the sponge.

5.    Now clean it with the warm water.

6.    Use brush to rub the carpet pile in the same direction.

7.    For drying the affected area, put the white paper towel over it. Put something heavy over the paper towel and allow it to dry, give it a proper time to dry.

The Greatness Of Berber Carpets

All of us know about the greatness of Berber carpet. The Berber carpet was named after the handmade texture bulky wool that was being used in the tribe of North Africa known as the Berber tribe.

Even today the Berber carpet follows the same tradition and made from the flecked bulky yarns to make the carpet attractive and beautiful.

This article will put light on the greatness of Berber carpets and its superiority over other types of carpet.

The carpet is unique:

The usage of flecked yarns is used to weave the Berber carpets. This yarn gives it a unique and stylish look and differentiates it from rest of the carpet types.

Choice in loop sizes:

There are different sizes of loops available in the Berber carpets and make it fit for the large knobby loop to the tight loops. The cut and loop designs, even level and multiple level loops are also available in the Berber carpets.

Hypo allergenic:

Berber carpet is used mostly in the children room because it is non-toxic and non allergenic carpet. It is made from wool and also stops the growth of bacteria.

Very comfortable:

The Berber carpets are made from the loops of wool with air pockets inside, this make it cushioned and softer feel to walk across it. Also it is used to regulate the temperature by working as insulation.


Berber carpets are the most durable one and they are very easy to be cleaned. The stains are easy to remove from the carpets and it resists the water stains.

Berber carpets are famous for its longevity and look as it is as it was at the time of installation. It never shows the marks of footprints and the lines of the vacuuming. The only problem with Berber is that loops can easily snag out and it damages the overall look of the carpet.


The Berber is the cheaper one than the nylon, olefin and other types. It also looks newer even after installation’s time and it give richer look in lower price.

Choices of colors:

The Berber carpets offer many colors and patterns to choose from. There are pastel shades, dark, earthen and neutral colors to choose from.

Hiding the sub floor:

The Berber carpets have high density and they are too thick. You can hide the problems in the flooring with the help of Berber carpets and do not need to repair the floor. Berber is the great choice for the old homes that require carpet re-done. It is most cost efficient carpet.

Grade variety:

Berber also comes in the variety of grades to choose from. It will tell you that how luxurious the carpet is. The Berber is most cost efficient in installation too. It is very easy to lie down, thus it saves the professional cost for installation as well as saves the time and efforts. Thus it is the most suitable and convenient choice for your home.

Choosing A Carpet

When you go for shopping for a carpet, you will see the great variety of the available to choose from. You will definitely try to acquire the best carpet in your available budget. But one thing you should keep in mind that, do not stick to your budget only and buy the carpet that is more quality oriented.

The quality carpet will tend to live more and ultimately save you lot of money in the long run. So buy the best thing once rather than buying the bad quality with cheapest price again and again.

Nylon, polyester and olefin are the fabrics that are most widely used in making the carpet. Nylon is the strongest type of fabric that can last long without wear down of threads, but it can fade away and give the nasty appearance after some time. So if you want to make it look richer, you have to buy the appropriate padding over the carpet and apply the stain resistance treatment.

In order to check the quality of the carpet, you should check the density of it. That means that how much thick is it, how close the piles are and the specificity in the fiber’s strand.

The closeness of the fibers will show that the carpet is of best quality. You can bend your fingers and rub it over the carpet to see the meshes. The lesser mesh means the higher quality. The twists in the fiber also portray the quality; more twist in a fiber means better quality.

The density of the carpet shows that how the carpet will wear while the cut in the piles shows the appearance of the carpet. The plush cut in the carpet gives the velvety look. They can be in color and it presents the formal look.

The Saxony cuts in the carpet also present the great look. Frieze is made by twisted piles and gives the semi-formal look and also it is not worn easily.

Padding have same importance as the carpet has padding cannot be compromised, best quality of padding must be installed over the carpet. It reduces the noise and act as the cushions over it.

Take your time and do research of the market, before making the final purchasing decision. Do not rush for buying. Evaluate the carpet on quality and durability dimension in order to provide your home the best and long lasting carpet.

Different Types Of Natural Fiber Carpet

Some carpets are made from the natural fibers obtained from the plants, insects and animals.

The fiber that is obtained from the plant is known as the vegetable fiber and the fiber which is got from the animal and insects is known as the protein fiber.

The major disadvantage with both protein and vegetable fiber is: it shrinks when cleaned with water and also have ability to grow the mildew and bacteria.


Wool fibers are obtained from the fleece of sheep and lambs. The wool for the carpets is imported from Australia, England and New Zealand. Wool carpets are considered to be the finest from all the other types of carpet.

The wool carpet is very resilient as they can easily stretch up to the 40% from its actual length and it can also bend forth and back by 180,000 times without damaging. Wool carpets are the best quality product but an expensive one.


The silk fiber is obtained from the larva of the silk worms. They are from 300 to 1600 yards in length. The silk is non-flammable, tough and is not affected by the static charges.

Cellulose fiber:

This type of fiber is obtained from the plants and they are used as the backing material in the woven and tufted carpets.


The cotton is obtained from the cotton plant and it is type of vegetable fiber. The cotton yarn is used to weave the rugs and the carpets. Cotton becomes toughest when it is wet and it is resistant to the alkaline solution.

The major drawback with cotton fiber is that: when it gets wet it requires the more time to dry. If it does dry out properly, it is very likely to produce the mildew and make the carpet shrinks. It can easily be smashed by stains, soils, mats, acids.

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The jute is obtained from jute plant. The jute plants are grown in Pakistan, South America and in India. The longer fibers from jute can be obtained from the stalk that is positioned between the inner pulp and the outer bark.

In woven carpets, jute is being used as weft yarns and in tufted carpets; it is used as the backing material. The jute is not so expensive. The drawback of the jute is: when it encounters with the water, it shrinks and grow the mildew.


The sisal is obtained from the leaves of the agave. As the sisal is too tough, it is used in making the sacking, rugs, ropes and even carpets. For cleaning the carpet you should use the low moistures method, otherwise it will shrink. This fiber gains the stains easily.


The rayon is the synthetic fiber and it is produced by taking the raw material from the cellulosic fibers of cotton and wood pulp and then treating it with the chemicals which gives it the original form of synthetic fiber.

As it looks like silk, it is used to make the rugs. It has low resistant against the abrasion and cellulose browning. It is easily damaged when encountered with acids.

Remove The Stains And The Spills From Your Kitchen Carpet

Spills in the kitchen’s carpet are common to occur. It can be from the children’s cup that may fall from the table or from the muddy foot entered inside. Only professionals can help you out in getting rid you from the kitchen spills. Lay man cannot fight against such spills.

Common knowledge and information is required in order to quickly and easily clean the spills in the kitchen. If you know how to deal against the particular spill, you can easily make it clean.

It will be intelligent too clean the spill at the time it has encountered. Which means do not allow the spill to be absorbed in the carpet. The quick action is only the smarter action.

If the spill goes deeper into the carpet and inside the padding and get in to the flooring, it will be requiring the extensive cleaning. So it is better to get rid of the spill quickly and effectively work against it.

Keep in mind that what so ever the type of the spill you encountered in the kitchen, do not ever rub it. Rubbing of the spill will do opposite from your wish; it soaks the spill deeper in the fibers of the carpet. Blot the spill instead of rubbing it. Blotting let the paper towel to soak up the stain by putting the less pressure over it. Blotting does not let the stain to get in deeply in the carpet and thus protect it from damaging.

For making the carpet free from the stains and the spills, you must need to follow the several mathods. First of all, clean the floor from the derbies as much as it is possible and then wipe it. Some tips are given below that will help you out in doing so:

If you have your own carpet cleaner then it is the best choice. From dealing up with the spills many products are available in the market to fight against such stains and spills effectively. Spills especially encountered in the kitchen are required to deal quickly, so if you do not have the cleaning agent go and but it instantly, rather than waiting to become it permanent and hard to deal with.

Since the kitchen is the place in home which is more extensively used, so it is very crucial to clean it up as much as possible. Regular cleaning in the kitchen is necessary because the kitchen is the place where you encountered the spills on the continuous basis.

“Prevention is better than cure” this proverb is not true for the kitchen spill’s case. Kitchen spills cannot be prevented, it will occur very frequently. The need here is to take the quick action in dealing with those stains and cleaning it at the time it occur.

Installation Of Carpet

The carpet installation is a very important process that needs to be done correctly at the first time. There is lot of types of carpets available in the market that is in different colors and is in different textures and patterns. You must select the right carpet as it gives vibrant and warmth to the floor. And because of the floor you choose your interior that it looks and so the carpet is the main part of interior.

After choosing the right design and material for you r carpet then the next step is to install the carpet. So for that regard you can choose a professional help or you can even do it yourself.  Unless you have the right tools to do the installation or unless you have the experience and time, installing carpet yourself is not recommended even though it is cheaper than hiring a professional.

In order to choose a right professional help it’s important to get it from the right place. If you buy your carpet from an authorized carpet retailer and dealer they usually have an installation staff that has experience with installing.

If the retailer doesn’t offer you help with the professional helper they can always recommend you some reputable companies that deals in cleaning. Even though the price of the professional help is expensive but it has so many benefits. Their experience will show in their work and that's important for the long run outcome. And after installation is done and you are not satisfied then you can get hold of them as well.

If you are considering using a low budget carpet installation service then you have lots of options available of hiring contractors, architects, builders or interior designers. You must check their references and inquire about their work. Also check where they got their training and if they have any certificate to prove it.

In order to check their work you can ask them to take you some of the homes where they have worked previously as it will give you an idea of the standard of their work. If you can't visit any of the places then you must ask them to show the pictures of their work.

The private contractors always offer you a lower installation rate then your retailer. The post installation is very poor. If you have any problems with them then your choices are very limited. If you still use them then you must make sure it uses the standard of regulation for installation of residential carpet CRI 105.

Installation of carpet depends on your choices and needs.

If you plan to change your carpet every few years then you can hire an independent carpet installer but if you wish to keep your carpet for a longer period of time then it always recommended using the help of installer from a retailer.

As they make sure you have long lasting and a trouble free experience.

Before you take your old carpet out, you must vacuum it before you take it out so the dust can be eliminated. 

Then once you put the new carpet then you must make sure to cut the extra edges and seal it with the hardwood.

Always inspect the carpet and make sure that it doesn't look ordinary and you are satisfied with the work before the deal is finished.

It always good to remember that no matter how much expensive and exotic your carpet may be , if you get the right installation for it then it will make  your house look great or otherwise it will make it look ugly.

So it's important to use some money , time and effort when it comes  to installing your carpet.

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