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Carpet Manufacture: Handmade And By Machine

The way carpet is made now a days is by the mixture of craftsmanship and a touch of 21st century creation. By combining these two methods carpet has become a feature that we all admire and love, but it makes us tired of cleaning.

The manufacturing of carpet is done in two ways that is weaving or tufting. The expensive carpets are woven and made of wool but they are extremely durable and long lasting. These carpets are handmade and is being for a long time but it also be made my machines. Every method follows the same procedure to make the carpet.

The whole yarn of the carpet is made of woven or its vertical fibers which is known as wefts. These carpets come in lots of colors and it also comes in quite a lot of patterns that produces high quality.

Now a day's machines have made things very easy to make carpets. these tufting machines has reduced the guess work made by the hand workers in making patterns and designs, as these machines are computer operated so determine the construction style and density.

One the carpet is been giving the design and it's been made then it's been sent to dyed using many methods that creates different patterns and designs. For the carpets that are cut pile has a stage when it is stretched and the loop piles are cut. This stage determines the softness and feel of the carpet.

The carpet then again gets stretched to give stability and it also allows to be stretched at the time of installation process. Now a day's carpets also get stain protection which happens when the carpet is in the manufacturing process.

The way the carpet is made effects when the installation process takes place.
In the past making of carpet was a complicated process as there wasn't any technology that could do most of the work, everything was done by hand.
These carpets were great even though there was less color choice and textures that what is available today.
Now days the making of carpet has become an easy process because there is lot of technology available for the manufactures which has made their life easy at the plants.

Operators just need to watch while machines do their work which makes a life much easier of the carpet manufacturer.

The fibers that are found in the carpet are heated at the mill to give a tight and twisted product that you would find with frieze carpets.

This is a less bulky type of yarn and it will hold it shape for a long period, which is good for those people who don't prefer to change their carpets every few years.