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The Weaning Period Can Affect The Baby's Health

The period of weaning will be the reason for the derangement of the bowels and stomach of the child.

The weaning period can affect the child’s health due to the following causes: starting of the weaning too before time, effecting too suddenly and unexpectedly, from over-feeding and the use of unsuitable and improper food.

The diarrhea can also rouse in the children due to the irritation in the dentition and this will be free from weaning.

The children who have delicate stomachs and got diarrhea are suggested to substitute the mother’s breast milk from the artificial food.

The children whose weaning period starts when they are of only six months will more likely to have the disorders in the bowels and the stomach. Only mothers can prove to be the resort for saving the children’s health. She can do this by not giving up the nursing of the baby and by avoiding to get pregnant again.

Sometimes, when children are suddenly removed from the breast milk and allow them to feed upon the artificial food causes the disturbance in the stomachs and bowels. Certain measures with the help of physician’s guidance must be taken so to save the child from any problem.

Over feeding and the fewer intervals between the foods can also become the reason for disturbing the child’s stomach. This thus can result in making the child oppressed, wearied, deranged stomach and even vomiting. The remedy can be proper intervals and avoiding the over feeding.

The unsuitable and improper food can also cause the same problems as mentioned above and if the quick remedies are not taken the problem can become very serious.

Therefore, mothers before changing the food of the baby must assured that the new artificial diet is in accordance with the baby’s stomach and then decide what quantity he or she be given that will be sufficient for his or her appetite.

The artificial diet must be prescribed for the babies as in past it happened that due to injudicious dietetic management many children’s have lost their lives. Similarly, over feeding and improper food both have become the reasons for putting the child’s life in danger and also make the parents anxious and distress.

The diarrhea in the children can also be noticed at the time of appearance of the milk teethes during the weaning period. Although, the diarrhea is not due to weaning period and it is because of the dentition only. This diarrhea attack must not be interfered and must not be disturbed until the medical assistance becomes necessary as it will be favorable circumstances.

Slight diarrhea during the teething period when the weaning period is also active, the heated and inflamed gums itself become the reason to put a full stop to the diarrhea and works in our favor.