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The Ventilation And Baby's Health

The inhale and exhale of air is taking place by the babies all the time, no matter how he or she feeling health wise.

That is why; you should make the nursery large, in an elevated and well ventilated part of the house and also at the place that is rich with the light and air.

Baby must be kept in the airy and the large place this would be very effective for his or her health.

If you let the baby in the heated and the impure atmosphere, the baby’s health will be seriously affected in that case.

If you want to save your baby from any draughts in the cold air, you must put thick curtains closely around his or her bed.

Always evaluate the conditions of the weather and the season of the year before taking the baby outdoors. The baby that is born in the autumn season must not be taken to the outdoors in the open air until the spring season comes. Also if the baby’s room is large and well-ventilated are changed, in that case the baby is saved from suffering from confinement.

The baby will also be saved from the cold and humid atmosphere especially if the baby is delicate. Keep him or her away from the extreme weather. But of your baby is quite healthy and strong you must take him or her outside so that in the open air he or she can has the invigorating and vivifying impact on their systems.

However in the dump weather a baby must not be taken outside, because it is the most dangerous weather in which babies can easily introduced with the consumptive disease.

Even the nurse or the maids must also not allowed to take the baby outside for too longer period of the time, if the baby is kept outside for too lengthy time period, many evils can caught him or her from the open air.