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Understanding The Proper Clothing For The Babies

During infancy:

For the proper maintenance of the baby’s health, the clothing that can save the baby from the coldness is imperative. There is the myth in the society that the babies have power to generate the heat and can resist the cold. But this myth has resulted in the most fatal outcomes.

This deadly belief is applied on the babies and felt that all is going well. But the fact is that the coldness absorbed in the babies takes some time to get activated and affect the child after some time has passed. Though, people feel that the main cause of the illness in not cold and something else has affected the baby.

The heat generation capability in the warm blooded animals is minimum at the time of the birth. The heat generation ability increases in the adult age and the young animals are normally a degree or two colder than the adult ones.

The parents thus however feel that how foolish the system of hardening constitution is, in which they have to give bath to their babies with cold water throughout the year and have to expose them in open cold air and also have to cut the currents of the easterly winds with the light clothing.

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Here are some principles that will be useful for the parents to understand the proper clothing for their babies.

The clothes must be in accordance with the season’s stiffness. They must be warm enough that can regulate the baby’s body temperature and also must be according to the strength and delicacy of the infant’s constitution. The parents however sometimes tend to wrap the children in too many excessive clothes that do not even allow the fresh air to get into the babies’ body and also keep them in the warm room.

This is totally the wrong thing in which you are taking the baby into the extreme atmosphere. This can be the reason for causing the inflammation in the babies’ internal organs as well as, the skin becomes highly susceptible to the impression of the cold which produces the ailments against which you have to take much care.

The clothes on the other hand must be too loose and easy enough to carry. They must allow the baby to move freely and also let the insensible perspiration to make its way to exit rather than getting absorbed in to the clothes and later causing the irritation on the baby’s skin.

The quality of the cloth must also be in accordance with the delicate skin of the baby. The flannel would be too tough to carry in the infancy but as the child grew older it is much desirable as it gives the stimulus to the child’s skin as well as helps in marinating the health of the baby.

Infants usually show annoyance in wearing the dress and most of the times they cry and feel mental pressure, so the construction of the dress must be simple enough that can get in to the child easily and quickly. Before putting the dress over the child make sure that all the pins are dispensed because any carelessness can be hazardous for the child. Sometimes pins can be pinched due to the ordinary movements made by the child itself.

In order to ensure the health of the baby, dresses must be changed every day along with undergarments. If this will not be done daily, then you are letting the diseases to affect the baby’s skin and have vicious results.

During childhood:

The clothing for the child must possess the same characteristics as that was explained for the infancy. They must be warm enough, made from the material that do not cause irritation in the skin and also must not be the reason of unnatural constriction.

The clothes that are too thin in the cold season than it can become the cause of severe diseases and also it can affect the skin of the child. The exposure to the cold air can result in the creation of the croup and other hazardous affections of the air- passages and lungs.

As well, it must also be kept in mind that too much warm clothes can also be the source of inviting the diseases. This can result in more or less the same diseases that are resulted from wearing the light and less clothes in winter season.

Even sometimes it can result in causing the more serious problems than the cold especially of cold air taken into the lungs. So choose the dresses according to the seasons. Wear the winter dress early and lay it off late, as in spring and autumn season the congestive and inflammatory complaints increases.

The materials that are suited for the child is flannel, and at this age it become necessary to wear it. The flannel must be worn in the early autumn till the end of the winter. The cotton can be substituted in the summer season. The hosiery fleecy is generally most suited and is much better to preserve the health and will save the skin from the irritation.

The clothes of the children must be made in such a manner that it would not limit the movement of the limbs or the other parts of the body. It must not also but pressure on the chest or the waist that can be injurious as well. Free exercise is crucial for the growth and the development of the body, so clothes must allow the baby to make the use of every muscle. This will ensures the proper functioning of the body parts that are submissive to these muscles’ movement.

The same dresses must be given to the girls and no sex discrimination is made during this age of the child. Also after the expiration of this period of life, girls must be given those dresses that are meant for them but they should not be tight that can restrict the body movement as well as affect the respiratory function. If this is not taken care at this time, latterly, they may have to face the injurious consequences in life.