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Suitable Foods For The Childhood

Appearance of teethes:

Child can be given the beef tea and chicken broth occasionally after the introduction of the grinding teethes.

And at the dinner time they can be given the soft boiled eggs and small bread pudding’s piece that is made with one egg.

At this time giving the child with the animal food is a big mistake that mostly parents made. This is against the plain indignation of nature in which the baby requires the help of masticate solid food.

The babies can be given pounding meat for chewing that is well suited to the toothless octogenarian whose stomach can digest it. The smaller babies’ stomach is not capable of digesting and that is why their stomach gets disordered.

The carnivorous and graminivorous teethes are bestowed in adults by the Creator and this is not possible for the babies to not to get the teeth in mouth. The mastication of solid food requires admixture of saliva to chew and digest the animal or even vegetables.

Solid food cannot be digested with the mastication power. If the solid food is swallowed in the large amount then it cannot be masticated and will not have chances of digestion. The undigested food in the stomach damages the stomach and other digestion organs by the creation of unnatural compound.

The giving of solid food to the toothless child is like thinking that the corn can be grinded without having the apparatus and this will be like making their internal organs yourself disturbed. This is clearly the case of idiotism and foolishness.

On the other hand, if parents still feel that it is necessary to give the vegetable and animal food that is the evil for the children; then they must break it in the smaller part that can be swallowed by them easily. However, this will still remain unmixed with the saliva that is essential for digesting.

This is the fact that most parents are giving evil to their children and without knowing the worst effects they themselves are pushing their child towards laying the foundation of the future diseases.

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