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The Signs When The Child Is Feeling Unwell

The health in the child can be felt by the calmness in the body and mind. Any deviation in the expressions will be showing that the child is feeling un-ease and unwell. The affected part can be noticed by his or her actions.


1.    Pain in the head:

The eyebrows will be contracted and will depict you that something is very wrong with the kid. This may be due to the pain in the head or showing the sign of disease in the baby. Properly noticed and taken to the doctors immediately can save the baby from the most fearful disease that is “water in the head.”

If mother has ignored these sings and have not taken any step this threatening disease will sooner result in making the eyes staring and fixed, the hot head, the un-easiness and the child will roll over the pillow without any purpose. It will also result in demolishing every activity of the child and most of the time he or she will be lying in the nurse’s arms.

Most of the time the child will be sleepy, gridding teethes and awakening by screaming. His or her face would be flushing; especially the cheeks, his or hands would be dam hot but the feet will be cold and he or she may have motions that will be in dark color.
2.    Pain in the belly:

When the lips are drawn apart that are showing the gums or teeth, it is due to the pain in the belly. This pain will only rise if there is something wrong with the belly and it can be confirmed by pressing the belly gently and evaluating the facial expressions.

If the pain arises due to the indigestions in the bowels, it will be temporary. In this case the spasm in the bowels will occur and with slight remedies the pain will vanish.

But if the pain is constant and serious, soon it will be resulting in the paling, sunken and the swallowing of the countenance. The child will lie down and will bend the knees up-till the belly. There will also be problem in the breathing. The unusual efforts has to apply on the chest muscles whereas, the belly muscles will remain quiet.

3.    Pain in the chest:

Pain in the chest can be viewed when the nostrils are drawn up and quickly in motion. This pain will be accompanied by the inflammation and will result in the discoloring of the countenance, the breathing will become difficult and the eyes more or less staring. The chest will remain unmoved during the respiration while the belly quickly heaves with every inhale.

4.    Convulsions:

It is generally noticed by the changes in the countenance. The upper lip will be drawn upward followed by occasional livid. It also may result in the paleness of the face which is followed by the sudden animation by languor. Slight squinting in the eyes can also be resulted.

The signs may occur many days before the actual attack occurs and it can be noticed and if immediate medical treatment is given than the occurrence can be prevented altogether.