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The Role Of Mothers In Care Theirs Baby From Disease

Prevention is always better than cure; same is the case with the little juniors that God has gifted the parents. Especially, the primary duty of mother is to prevent her child from the introduction of the disease.

The secondary duty however is curing the baby in case if he or she has been the victim of the disease. The maternal duty for the disease management is the most important and crucial part during the epochs of infancy and childhood, so it must be performed well.

Medical treatments also require the maternal part for the baby’s treatment. No medicine and treatment would be effective unless the care and proper attention of the mother is working apart from it.

Any negligence and ignorant can ruin the effectiveness of the medical treatment, so the attendant or mother must be cautious enough to take especial care of the instructions prescribed by the doctors.

In small babies the introduction of the disease is so sudden and rapid that no one can judge, that is why the special care is necessary. If the infants are not treated and take care well than the results can be vigorous.

The unease created due to the unhealthy conditions can be soothed by the love and affection given by the mother. The mother can anticipate the needs and requirements of the baby and can fulfill it to provide him or her soothing feelings.

While the mother’s harsh and ungentle behavior will go opposite and will create more difficulty for the sick and sensitive baby.

Moreover, not only the strict and proper fulfillment of the medical direction is necessary, but also the doctors must be presented with the complete information and condition of the little baby when he or she comes on routine checkup.

The attendant, nurse or even the mother can portray the other symptoms that are not the actual, which can cause the doctor to analyze the disease which may not be the case and he can then likely prescribe the wrong treatments and the medicines.

So, proper explanation of the symptoms and the feelings of the baby must be explained by the attendant. The medical man or the doctor can not examine the baby 24/7 that is why the faithful reports must be demonstrate to him. Only the mother and the guardian can present the accurate reports.

The proper maternal attention can ensure the proper and efficient management of the baby at the time when he or she is sick. Only she can spoke about the disease from which her baby is suffering.