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The Reason Of Baby's Crying


The first thing after the delivery baby does is crying. If the baby does not cry then we have to pinch or gently stroke the feet of the baby to let him or her cry.

It is very essential as this allow the air to get in to the baby’s lungs. The crying of the baby will ensure that the baby is healthy and it is also the normal physiological event. Mothers and the other family members must have to understand it and must not get disturbed from this.

Baby cannot express his or her feelings from the words. The communication mode of the baby to tell others about his trouble and problem is crying.

He or she also shows some movement from the body parts like feet kicking, hand waving and head turning so to get the attention. But yet crying is the best way for garbing the attention of others.

Crying in some babies can be very excessive that can become the reason of distortion for some mothers and home nurses. If the baby get calm easily by just patting him or her than the mothers do not need to get worried, it will not be excessive crying.

Crying baby should never be ignored, because the reason of crying can vary from simple reason of getting attention to the life threatening reasons. Some babies get calm from taking the mother’s breast and satisfy their hunger while others may need attention.

Most of the time it becomes very difficult to analyze the cause of crying among the babies. Some of these reasons are discussed below:

1.    Hunger:

Baby will be crying if he or she is hungry and as they get the milk they get quite. The quote suits here most that “ the crying baby gets the milk”.

2.    Wetting:

Babies usually cry when they have passed urine and Stool in the diaper and want it to get changed.  And as the diaper changed baby become calm.

3.    Company:

Babies always need someone in the close proximity and when they feel that no one is around them, they start crying as to call someone near them.

4.    Tired:

Babies mostly also cry when they are feeling uncomfortable and are tired. They may be feeling unhealthy due to the climatic change that makes him or her cry.

5.    Heat & cold:

Babies usually cry when they feel too cold or too hot. They can get comfortable if the room is properly ventilated.

6.    Tight clothing:

Tight clothes can also be the reason for the baby to feel uncomfortable and thus makes him or her crying. Tight elastic clothes can also become reason for the rashes in the hip area.

7.    Dark room:

Babies are too much sensitive to light. They want dim light in their surroundings. If the baby wakes up in the night time and there will be darkness or strong lights, he or she will be get frightened and start crying and calling parents.

8.    Mosquito:

If the mosquitoes are there in the baby’s room, will surely sucks the blood and make the baby cry.

9.    Nasal blocking:

The blockage in the nasal will not let the baby feel relax and will create problem in breathing. This will make the baby cry until the problem gets solved.

10.     Phlegm in throat:

Phlegm is the sound that comes with the breathing and also creates difficulty in breathing resulting in the crying baby.

11.    General aching:

Aching can be seen in the flu and some infectious disease that makes the baby restless and he or she cry from pain.

12.    Habitual cry:

Some babies are habitual of crying and cry without any reason that makes the parents disturb and result in calling the doctor for the help.

13.    Nappy rash:

Rashes can be the reason for the crying baby. Rashes can be due to the tight and wet nappy. Some elastic in the nappy can also result in the rashes. Other skin scratches like eczema, etyma, candidacies etc can also make the baby feel restless.

14.    Earache:

Ear infection is mostly common in the cold weather. This spreads through the throat and causes the rupture of ear drum and release of pus from the ears. This increases especially at the night time and do not let the baby sleep. Resulting the baby to rub the ear again and again and crying all the time.

Why Is My Baby Crying?: The Parent's Survival Guide for Coping with Crying Problems and Colic 

15.    Colic:

Colic is the basic cause of excessive crying and this is even very difficult to diagnose. No one still know the basic cause of colic but still this makes the baby feel pain in the abdomen and he or she cries until they get help from the doctors.

16.    Infections:

Infections can be found anywhere in the body and also followed by the redness, fever and swelling. This result in crying baby.

17.    Reactions to certain food:

Certain food can cause some allergies in the babies. These allergies can be in the form of redness, breathlessness, gastric and result in continuous cry.

18.    Hard stools:

Constipation and the hard stool can also cause the baby cry. Some babies do not pass the stool so to avoid the pain.

19.    Gastro esophageal reflex:

In this babies usually cry after every meal. It is also very difficult to diagnose and can be known by the use of anti-reflex medicines. This can be resulted from the failure of the lower part of esophagus to close after food causing regurgitation from the stomach.

20.    Dentition:

The introduction of the milk teeth can also make the baby feel irritated and often the babies cry and faces the problem of gastric and diarrhea.

Some rare reasons:

1.    Bowel obstruction:

Bowel obstructions will result in the severe pain and vomiting. Abdomen gets swollen and produces the rumbling sound. Baby also gets the constipation.

2.    Septicemia:

Septicemia is caused by the assault of pathogenic micro organisms. Fever is also associated with septicemia.

3.    Torsion of testes in male kids:

Scrotum of the continuously crying male baby must be checked. Torsion of testes become worse by touching it and causes the severe pain. If this condition is not treated it can cause the damage in the affected testes due to the deficiency of the blood supply.

4.    Meningitis:

In this condition baby will feel irritation and then followed by the fever. Neck rigidity and seizures can appear later.

5.    Retention of urine:

Unbearable pain is the result of retention of the urine and also makes the baby restless.

6.    Major injuries:

Major injuries in any part of the body will result in creating the pain. Head injuries can also result in vomiting and spasms later on.