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Let The Child Learn How To Walk

Exercise is very important for the infant’s health. The first exercise of infants starts in the arms of the nurse.

By the age of two or three months the infants start kicking and rolling over the sofa and become less sleepy. He or she will be using their limbs and move them in the air freely, this is also very essential at the growing time period.

With the passage of the time the child starts learning to walk over his or her own feet. You should adopt any plans like use of the go-cart, leading-strings, etc. These will not let the child to make use of any evil and will allow them to engage their flatness of the chest, confined lungs, distorted spine, and deformed legs in the walking process.

The use of go-carts and other instruments will help in bearing the weight of the child or else if the child is allowed to walk on their own without help then their soft and pliable bones will be bending like elastic stick from the weight. This can be the reason of the natural distortion and curving of the bones.

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For all the inexperienced and young mothers, it is very delightful to see their young ones to walk on their feet with their own efforts. In this delight, mothers motivate and encourage their children to walk and do not consider that their children can be mischievous and can become excited which eventually injured the children. At that time she has no option but to repent on the mistake done by her own self.

If these distortion and curvature is noticed timely, it can be cured. The use of certain remedies can be used to invigorate the frame and it will also have positive effect on the general health of the children (The plunge in to the cold water or the sponge will cold salted water will be very effective in this regard.)

You should also avoid the basic cause of distortion that is to stop the child to stand on its feet. If you want your child not to put weight on his or her feet then put their both feet in the large stockings, this will not allow the child to make the free use of their feet’s muscles and would be very effective.

The deformation of limbs will no longer be in existence by following the above mention plan for several months. The bones of the legs will become strong and muscles will become firm. You can let your child to stand on his or her feet now without any fear of his or her bones and they can be mischievous too.

The best medium to let the child learn how to walk is by letting them learn the lesson himself or herself. The child will start with crawling on the floor; this will divide the weight of the child and will not be dangerous for the bones of the child.

By this practice, the every muscle of the child’s body will be in action and become more strengthen and vigorous. Feeling more power in the muscles and the bones the child would love to start doing more. He or she will be using the help of the chair to make an attempt for standing on his or her feet.

He or she may fail at the start but eventually will learn how to stand with his or her own power with the aid of any object. The two lessons which child learns here is standing and raising him or her on the floor but with the help of any object.

The next step will be balancing themselves without holding anything. The facial expression and gesture will show his or her proud to be stand alone without taking support of anything. Now he or she will try to start walking on the floor by seizing the support of any chair or anything that is nearby.

He or she might has fear but take the courage to walk and making their own limits by seizing the supporting object’s distance.  By repeating the adventurous game again and again every day the child’s confidence will boost up and after applying the numerous trails he or she will learn how to balance on the feet and walk and run all alone.

By the time the feeble and weak muscles become stronger and have strength to bear the weight of the body, this is the time where child learn gradually how to walk on its own.

Exercise during childhood:

Once the child has acquired enough power, he or she can do exercise in the open air. The more habitual he or she become the more they will be able to bear the vicissitudes of the climate.

The exercise done by the child will also be the reason for the growth and development of the child and they themselves will feel pleasure in doing exercise. The involvement of the child in the sports will make use of their every muscle and will make them vigorous and healthier by the time.

If the child is weak and feeble and he or she is still forced to do the exercise the consequences can be negative. So for them the substitute can be the riding on a donkey or pony. This type is best for the delicate child and will keep them respire in the open fresh air. It will not make the child fatigue though it will make the use of every muscle by gently shaking them.

When in any child there is a tendency in the constitution to pulmonary consumption due to any accident or hereditary, the exercises on the horsebacks are very effective and fruitful. It will be beneficial not for the general health but also strengthen the muscles of the lungs. The lungs muscles are also strengthen by the exercising the body. During the ride the muscles will gain power and will not cause the child to fatigue.

The free expansion of the lungs by full inhaling will take place that is necessary for keeping the body healthy. This will keep the air passage open and will also prevent the congestion in the pulmonary circulation.