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Knowing The Suitable Diet For Infants

Proportion of ingredients:

The artificial diet for the infants must be the close substitute of the mother’s breast milk.

It can be obtained by adding the two third of cows’ milk, one third of boiled water or thin barley water and sufficient quantity of loaf sugar for sweetness.

For the first six months it is the most suited diet and after the expiration of the six months, some farinaceous food may be added with milk.

In infancy, some mothers think that the milk alone cannot be able to fulfill the nutritious requirements and that is why they give thick gruel, biscuit-powder, panda and such matters thinking that this will be beneficial for the little ones.

But this perception acts in opposite manner and over-loads he stomach and thus become the cause of indigestion, griping and flatulence. This will cause the infants to take the purgative medicines and carminatives that again cause the disturbance in natural digestion process and cause the irritation in the infants.

That is why with the administrative attention of cordials and narcotics, infants are kept in the continual round of repletion, purging and indigestion. If in these infants, the diet’s quality and quantity suited with their digestive power than need no help from any doctor.

For the preparation of the diet for the infants, it is very essential to get the pure milk that is not skimmed and not mixed with any amount of water. It must be directly taken from the cow in the warm weather. It must not be added with sugar and water until the time of need and also must not be made extra for later use. It is best that milk should be boiled but better to add the water in boiling state in the milk so to give the baby the tepid or lukewarm milk

With the increasing age of the infants the proportion of the milk must also be increased but gradually. After second month, three parts of milk can be given with one part of water. But the proportion of the diet must not be changed if the health of the child is improving with the current diet. Nature has prepared the most essential diet for the infants that cannot be replaced without any marked injury.
Way to feed the artificial food:

By two ways the artificial diet can be given to the infants, one by the help of the spoon and other with the nursing-bottle.

By nature the slowly taken milk can only be digested by infants as their stomachs are too delicate and that is why the first method is not suited for the little babies.

By sucking from the mother’s breast, the secretion of sufficient amount of saliva from the baby’s mouth is mixed with the milk thus causing the little intake of the milk. This natural process that is why must be followed in the case of artificial diet too.

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The milk that is being sucked from the nursing-bottles also let the baby to secrete the saliva and swallowed it with the milk. Whatsoever, type of bottle one may use but it must be kept in mind that it must be properly cleaned so that it can ensure the baby’s health.

When the baby got the two or three teethes you can give him or her solid farinaceous matter boiled in water, beaten through a sieve, and mixed with a small quantity of milk. And this time the child can be fed with the help of the spoon also.

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