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How Breast Milk CausingThe Disturbance In The Bowels And Stomach Of The Baby

Infants’ can easily get the disorder in the stomach and the bowels and that can be due to several reasons. The mother’s breast milk is one of the reasons. This article will be putting light that how breast milk become the cause of such disturbance in the bowels and stomach of the baby.

The monthly periods of the mother always affects the properties of the breast milk that ultimately becomes the reason of the child’s bowels and stomach derangement.

The infant becomes un-ease and fret few days before of mother’s unhealthiness. He or she will get the motions that are of green color and are more watery and frequent.

This happens with the baby in some starting months but after third or fourth month infant’s stomach started accepting the less nutritious and abundant milk.

By feeding the child upon the artificial milk during her periods time, the mother can save the un-healthiness of the child. Wet-nurse can also be arranged so that the health of both the mother and the child can be ensured.

The milk in the mother becomes less in quantity and also lacks the nutritious level when she conceives the other baby. In this case, when she is pregnant and feeding the young one also, her health greatly suffers. This will also be dangerous for the health of the baby.

The remedy can be in such case; the mother should not take the responsibility of nursing the baby and she must put the baby on the suitable artificial diet that do not disturbs the stomach of the baby.

Flatulence, griping, looseness of the bowels, and vomiting becomes common in those children who are constantly being feeding with the mother’s breast milk. This is due to insufficient time interval between the meals which does not let the old meal to get digested.

The in-digested milk reaches the bowels from the stomach and effects the alluded to follow. The remedy of such case is very simple; give proper time for digestion and re-feed the baby after appropriate interval so that the stomach can also get appropriate rest and gets relax. Mothers thus follow these rules with strictness so to keep the baby’s health up to the mark. 

Teething of the infants is another reason for disturbing the bowels of the babies. It is fortunate that in case more serious prevention can be taken to save the child from disorders of bowels and stomach.

In case of dentition the diarrhea however can occur but it will not be very submissive and for this proper attention must be paid. The gums in detention can be seen swollen and sometimes automatically used to put the stop on the looseness. Medical assistant can also be however becomes necessary.