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The Healthy Child’s Sleep And Stools

Of the sleep:

The healthy child’s sleep is quite refreshing and composed. In the earlier stage of infancy the child spent most of his or her time in sleeping and when woke up will just need the milk breast.

The infant in the later period of life sleeps less and when he or she gets from reposing, he or she will be felling quiet and peaceful.

But when the infant is not feeling well, he or she will start crying when put into the cot and only feel obliged to sleep in the arms of the nurse, the sleep duration will also be very short and will end in the restlessness and disturbance.

The countenance will show that the baby is having pain even though it is slighter. If there is anything wrong in the head of the baby he or she will be showing signs of contraction of the eyebrows. If the pain is in the belly then the child will be gridding the teeth and the lips will be drawn apart. In both the pains the child will be feeling great restlessness and frequent staring.

Of the stools:

The motions in the new born babies are mostly dark in color and much like pitch in the appearance and consistency. The first milk that is intake by the baby from the mother’s breast will be acting as the aperients in the baby’s bowels. This is cleansed away within the twenty four hours.

For the rest of the infancy time period, the stool of the baby will be of yellowish color and has the thin consistency like mustard. Also it will smell little and will be appearing smooth and will not have lumps or white curded matter.

The stool will be passed without having any pain and in any quantity. The healthy baby will pass the stool every day three to four times even. But after the expiration of this time period, the baby’s stool will be of dark color, more solid and it is also not so frequent.

The nurse must see the evacuations daily, because any deviation from the above mentioned characteristics will be showing that there is something wrong with the baby’s health. Therefore the color, appearance and the manner in which the discharge takes place must be noticed.

The unnatural stool will be green, smelly, dark, too liquid or have curded appearance. In normal healthy child the discharge of the motions will be with little wind and will be without pain.

While in the sickness the pass of motions will be with pain and has to apply the force to pass it. This will also be the sign of irritation for the baby. Also if there is any deviation in the numbers of time child discharges the stool there may be some problem.