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The First Milk Teeth

The milk teeth are twenty in the numbers and they appear in the pairs. Teethes of the lower jaws proceed teethes correspondences to the upper jaw.

The first set of the milk teethes is formed in the sixth or seventh month while the remaining teethes established up-till the twentieth to the thirtieth months.

The appearance of teethes however varies in the individuals in terms of duration and order in which they developed.

The appearance of teethes however is a natural process though it is very painful for the babies. So, proper management of baby’s health is necessary prior to this stage as well as during this process.

In case of injudicious management of baby’s health will result in the critical time for the baby and also this will be the most dangerous situation for the baby. It depends upon the mother’s affection and care that how much she is anxious for her baby and how she can prevent the baby from this danger and diminish it.

Here some tips are given that can be helpful for the mothers to tackle her child during the teething period.

Management of the infant when teething is without difficulty:

If the health of the baby is stable and he or she has been fed upon the mother’s milk, than the management of the baby would be simple and easier and the symptoms will be mildest.


The symptoms in the baby at the first dentition can be the increased flow of saliva, heated and swelled gums and sometimes flushing cheeks.

The baby will be putting his or her finger or anything in the mouth more frequent and also it will suck the breast for the longer time period then the usual and will intake the more milk. It will make the baby restless and fretful.

This dentition will also result in sudden crying even during the sleep period and also will result in slight vomiting and looseness in the bowels. These symptoms indicate the "breeding the teeth” and last for several days.


The management of the baby in such case is not difficult and it will require less medical attendant’s attention. The baby should be kept in the open air for longer period of the time and the bowels should be massaged with the castor oil.

Cold sponge must be given every day and must be dried with the rough flannel. The breast must be given more often in the mouth of the baby so that the thirst can be satisfied but do not let the baby drink more milk, just give small quantity so its gum can get relaxed and moist without overloading the stomach. It is also very important for the mother to take care of her diet during this time period.

During the dentition period the pressure applied on the gums will be soothing for the babies. For this you can give the baby a pacifier or a piece of orris-root, or scraped liquorice root or a flat ivory ring, these would not be dangerous in the case it thrust will the eyes or the nose. Baby can also take the fingers of the mother or guardian in the mouth so to relax the gums.

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