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Early Detection Of Breathing Disease In The Child

The normal and healthy children inhale and exhale in equal amounts and they breath inaudibly, regularly, quietly and without effort.

But if there is any deviation like the inspiration will be hurried and quickened and also become audible, then the need is to give proper attention and this must be taken seriously.

Any changes in the breathing, even though the slighter one must be noticed.

They can become very alarming and can be due to the serious problems in the chest of the young ones.

If before hands baby is inspected by the doctors than the disease can be stopped from occurrence.

But if not stopped can become out of control. That is the reason, the mothers must be familiar of her child’s breathing habit and must take immediate action if feel deviation in the breathing patterns.

Children must be taken to the doctor when the symptoms of common cold are found in them. The rough cough and hoarseness will sometimes follow the common cold. Hoarseness may also be the reason of the attack of croup and may not be due to the common cold.

Croup is the disease that spreads and become serious very actively and makes the functions of the affected part indispensable and if one wants to save life of the baby he or she must have to take prompt actions and must give the baby a treatment

The following is the observation of Dr. Cheyne about the attack of croup. He described the attack as: the croup is the disease that becomes more active during the evening timings and it occurs during the day time when baby is exposed in the cold weather. This disease also activates after showing some symptoms of catarrhal for some days.

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The baby may be seems much excited, in variably energetic, more ready to laugh than to cry than usual, a little red, sometimes coughing with the rough sound of the cough, like the sound that can be heard in the catarrhal stage of the measles.

Before the nature of the disease appears, the baby spent most of his or her time in enjoying the sound sleep in his or her bed. During the sleep he or she encounters the unusual cough that is very well known to the patients of the croup and it is so much like a sound coming from the brazen trumpet that penetrates in to the floors and walls of the house.

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Experienced mothers can be startles and make her shout that may be her child is suffering from the croup. This makes her run to the nurse to find that she has made any mistake and her child is safe and secure from any disease.

If the cough is repeated again and again this can make the baby awakes and will result in changing the sound of his or her voice. The changing voice is also the one of the symptoms of croup. The swelled throat followed by the cough is also showing that the child is the victim of croup disease.

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