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The Diet Management For Infants

Quantity of diet:

The age of the child and the digestive power are necessary to be considered while deciding about the quantity of the diet. The mother can determine this quantity by careful observation and give the diet accordingly.

The most crucial and dangerous error which mostly mothers commit is the overfeeding. Overfeeding for the infants however, can be avoided if the mothers give the food in small quantities after the sufficient interval of time and also giving the food in small quantities.

It is the way to prevent indigestion, bowel complaints and the irritable condition of the nervous system that are very common in infants. It has been clearly noticed that, "Nature never intended the infant's stomach to be converted into a receptacle for laxatives, carminatives, antacids, stimulants, and astringents; and when these become necessary, we may rest assured that there is something faulty in our management, however perfect it may seem to ourselves."

Frequency of diet:

The frequency of giving meal will be decided by the quantity that has been given previously and the time it will take to digest properly. This is usually set after every three to four hours after the previous meal.

If the children will be allowed to intake every hour, than he or she will not be able to digest the previously taken meal and results will be interrupting the digestion process, the undigested food will pass into the bowel, there will become ferment and sour, will produce cholic and purging, and will not help in producing the nourishment of the child.

The posture of the child when fed:

The posture in which the infant is given food is very essential as this will ensure that the food has properly reached in the stomach. The baby must be kept in the natural position, in which he or she is lying and his or her head must be raised in the mother or nurse’s arms.

After every meal the baby must be allowed to repose on the mother’s knee or in the cot for half an hour at least. This is important for the digestion process and exercise is also important for the promotion of the health.
Important cares for management of the diet:

The special care in the child’s diet must be taken because they will be getting teethes and usually encountered by the disorder in the stomach and bowels.

That is why any error in the diet must be avoided. It is fact that the healthy child is one that is mostly fed upon the mother’s breast milk and when he or she is given the artificial diet for the first time they are less likely to get the disorders in the stomach.

On the other hand, the babies who are given the artificial diet from the first hour of his or her birth are more likely to have disorders in stomach and bowels.

When the teething are introducing in the babies they are mostly encountered with infectious and eruptive fevers are most prevalent, worms often begin to form, and diarrhea, thrush, rickets, cutaneous eruptions etc.

The proper diet management in the infants will ensure that some diseases must not occur at all and will be beneficial in reducing the violence of other diseases when they occur.