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The Deficiency Of The Milk

The deficiency of the milk can be found in the very small babies even after just a few days of delivery. It can though be removed by the large intake of the malt liquor.

This will increase the supply of nourishment for the little babies. However this can be injurious for the mother’s health. The idea here is to keep the baby with the good health nurse that can give the baby good, healthy and nutritious milk

The plain, nutritious and the generous diet are required. The natural diet with the wholesome, mixed, animal and vegetable diet as par the habits must be take n with or without the malt liquor. And if the stomach allows you and you have previously taken the malt liquor, you can now use it on the daily basis but in small quantity to avail its advantages.

The healthy milk’s secretion can also be ensured with the regular exercise in the open air. The exercise can be done any place that is suitable for you and the horse exercise or daily walk must be exchanged after every week or so.

The shower with the tepid or the cold salted water is recommended every morning. In case if you can not take the bath daily, you must sponge the body with the salted water.

By adopting the above mentioned plans the breast milk can be gained that will be ample in both quality and quantity. The following real world example will prove you the generation of the milk in the mother’s breast.

I have encountered the case in which the lady was healthy with the age of 24years. The labor pain was good and the first week after delivery also went very well but only problem that occurred is the fact that the breast was enlarged but the supply of the milk oozing from the nipples was very little.

Next fortnight the supply increased gradually and by the time of expiration it got doubled. By the mean time the baby was feed upon the artificial milk that resulted in the derangement of the bowels and consequently baby got the diarrhea.

The question was that will the baby survived in this condition, as the baby was loosing the strength and has no power even to suck from the nipple of the nurse. So the child was fed with the spoon full with the nurse milk.

The child survived and in few days both the baby and the mother was returned to the home and in the meantime mother’s breast started producing the milk which her child can suck and become too much healthy upon it.

However, the deficiency of the milk is found but though it than be correct and the supply of the nourishment increased by the time.

The child’s demand for the milk will increase after the six or seven months which mother cannot alone fulfill. The time is to feed the baby with the artificial food that can be given through the bottles and that is especially made for them.

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