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Cleaning The Carpets

Carpets can be cleaned from the vacuum cleaners. It removes almost every soil and dirt from the carpets.

But it is also very necessary to clean the carpets from the stains of oil and sticky soils that peeped in from outdoors.

Cleaning the carpet before it becomes too dirty is an easier task rather than cleaning when it is too dirty. Cleaning carpets before it is need to cleaned makes the carpet dirtier is a false myth.

Depending upon the number of family members and the amount of traffic runs over it, you must clean it every 12 to 18 months.

Choice of the right vacuum is very important. There are some vacuums that cannot work properly and leave dirt behind. Such vacuum destroyers the effort and purpose of cleaning. You can clean the carpets by the professional or by yourself.

1.    Professional carpet cleaners:

The professional’s carpet cleaners are more experienced and they exactly know which cleaning agents will suits our carpet’s fiber and texture. They can extract more dirt by utilizing the machines. They also have better machines to clean the carpets and dry it faster than we do. So it is always better to hand over your carpets to them for cleaning purpose.

2.    Doing it yourself:

If you have decided to clean the carpet at home by renting the team machine, then must need to check the unit rented for specifications. Because some of them may not be in good condition and can become the cause of damage for your carpets. Therefore must see the following things:

•    Carpets can be damaged due to over wetting that is why always select that machine which have more power to extract. Do hire the machines from the professional rather than from the stores or retailers. Because they have less extracting power. The best choice is that machine which can make the carpet dry within 12 hours.

•    Always avoid the over wetting of carpets because it lead to the growth of mildews and bacteria. More than 24 hours wetness will be damageable and create problems. By proper training and correct choice of equipment you can fight against this.

•    Some carpets provide grantee against stains. So always choose the right solution for cleaning them or if solutions are not according to the specification the carpets will be damaged. Do not ever use that cleaning agents that have bleaches inside; it will ruin the color of carpet.

•    Do not ever use the silicone based cleaning solutions for the carpets.

•    You can use the fans and humidifier to help in drying the carpet. Humidifiers will pull the moisture from air.

Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner, 1719 

3.    Hot water extraction:

This method is considered to be the best amongst all. It is also known as the steam cleaning process. It sprays the water and detergent on the carpet and recovers the water and soil from the carpet by using the powerful vacuum. It gathers the water and soil in the holding tank. This is the best method to get rid of stains which are caused by the pets and used on soiled carpets.