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The Baby Must Be Allowed To Sleep In The Proper Ways

During infancy:

When the infant is of three or four weeks, he or she spends most of their time in sleeping and only woke up at the feeling of hunger.

After this time period, the infant wakes up for longer time interval and feel less sleepy.

In the early stage of infant’s life, the sleeping must not be interfered and must let him or her to sleep as much as he or she wants. But after this time period, it is necessary to shape up the times of the infant’s sleeping, as if this will not done the infant will sleep whole day and will spend the restless nights.

So, make the habits of infant to sleep in the middle of the day, before dinner and for two or less hours. If you will allow infant to sleep at the later period of time, you will be more likely to ruin his or her nights.

Infants in early period of his or her life must sleep with parents. As the smaller parts of the body generates heat and low temperature also enforce parents to make the infant sleep with them. If this will happen, it will disturb the night of infant and he or she must immediately be removed from the bed and must be given another the supervision of another woman, known as nurse.

The hiring of nurse is very necessary, as mothers have to take care of her infants during the night time and had the sleepless night, she cannot be forced to spend the sleepless days too with the babies. This will damage her health and will result in effecting the milk production. This will ultimately affect the infant and would be dangerous for both the mother and the infant’s health.

At the age of one month or so, the infant can be left alone to sleep in his or her room, but only if the infant is healthy.

Some Babies Sleep 

Make sure that the baby has worn enough amounts of clothes that can keep him or her warm. Also the room in which the baby is sleeping must have temperature around 60 degrees. And the cradle must be placed at the place where the cold air cannot reach him or her directly.

Exposure to the cold can be injurious for the babies because during the sleep they are less likely to maintain their body temperature and cannot be able to produce heat so to maintain the body temperature.

The infants are covered with lots of clothes; even their mouths are covered with muslin handkerchief and are drapery closely with the bed. This will be the result that the fresh air could not enter in to the babies, which ultimately become the reason for inflammation in the same internal organs and they occur more frequently.

So, to avoid inflammation babies must be wrapped in clothes but in such a manner that they can have access to the fresh airs in its mouth at least. Also the atmosphere of the babies’ room must be kept sufficient warm so that they can breathe freely in the air and in winter season, babies’ room must have fire so that the temperature can be maintained.

The pillow for the six months baby is necessary, because the teethes are appearing in the babies making them feel irritation in gums, the pillow will be helpful in keeping the head of the baby up and keeping it cool as well.

The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems: Sleeping, Feeding, and Behavior--Beyond the Basics from Infancy Through Toddlerhood 

During childhood:

The childhood stage of life requires more sleep than the adulthood stage. That is why child must be allowed to sleep but at the proper timings with disturbing the schedule of the night sleep. Let the child sleep three or four hours before the dinner time.

No time duration of the sleep can be specified for the kids as it varies among the kids. You must let them sleep as much as they want. Some children can let on bed by seven or eight O’ clock and will be sleeping till the following morning. Let the child sleep without interfering in his or her sleep and let him or her get up fresh according to its own need.

The state of the body and the habits of individuals will be dictating the amount of sleep. Infants usually pass their most of the time in sleeping and the children require the sleep of twelve or fourteen hours. The school boy takes sleep of generally ten and youth spent third part of the day in sleeping. In more advance stage of life, the sleep duration becomes not more than four, five or six hours a day.

Some mothers, for creating their own pride among the society arrange the reference group party and let the child awaken for the long time in the parties that are planned for the evening times. It is too cruel act by the mothers and just for the sake of admired, fondle and exhibition. Next morning the child wakes up in exhausted, un-fresh and wearied.

Once the child awake, he or she is not allowed to get to sleep again during whole day because that can encourage the bed routine and will disturb the habit of early rising. This is the most vicious act of the parents on the child and it affects the both mental and the physical health of the child.

A child must not awake in the manner that it is too sudden for him or her. This can cause the damage in the brain and actions of the heart and if repeated frequently, than can cause the serious consequences. Always adopt the gradual steps to wake the child up.

The feathers bed let the body of the baby to sink deep in to the bed and unnatural relaxation of the body will result in weakening the systems of the baby’s body. It also affects the skin and result the unusual suspecting towards the impression of cold.

So it is better to make bed of mattress for the children. When the baby gets up in the morning, the mattress must be shaken up and thrown over the chair that faces the sunlight and also the windows must be kept open so that the room can get ventilated with the fresh air. Do not allow the child to sleep with the person who is bad in health and it must be allowed to possibly sleep alone in his or her room.

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