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Cleaning The Carpets

Carpets can be cleaned from the vacuum cleaners. It removes almost every soil and dirt from the carpets.

But it is also very necessary to clean the carpets from the stains of oil and sticky soils that peeped in from outdoors.

Cleaning the carpet before it becomes too dirty is an easier task rather than cleaning when it is too dirty. Cleaning carpets before it is need to cleaned makes the carpet dirtier is a false myth.

Depending upon the number of family members and the amount of traffic runs over it, you must clean it every 12 to 18 months.

Choice of the right vacuum is very important. There are some vacuums that cannot work properly and leave dirt behind. Such vacuum destroyers the effort and purpose of cleaning. You can clean the carpets by the professional or by yourself.

1.    Professional carpet cleaners:

The professional’s carpet cleaners are more experienced and they exactly know which cleaning agents will suits our carpet’s fiber and texture. They can extract more dirt by utilizing the machines. They also have better machines to clean the carpets and dry it faster than we do. So it is always better to hand over your carpets to them for cleaning purpose.

2.    Doing it yourself:

If you have decided to clean the carpet at home by renting the team machine, then must need to check the unit rented for specifications. Because some of them may not be in good condition and can become the cause of damage for your carpets. Therefore must see the following things:

•    Carpets can be damaged due to over wetting that is why always select that machine which have more power to extract. Do hire the machines from the professional rather than from the stores or retailers. Because they have less extracting power. The best choice is that machine which can make the carpet dry within 12 hours.

•    Always avoid the over wetting of carpets because it lead to the growth of mildews and bacteria. More than 24 hours wetness will be damageable and create problems. By proper training and correct choice of equipment you can fight against this.

•    Some carpets provide grantee against stains. So always choose the right solution for cleaning them or if solutions are not according to the specification the carpets will be damaged. Do not ever use that cleaning agents that have bleaches inside; it will ruin the color of carpet.

•    Do not ever use the silicone based cleaning solutions for the carpets.

•    You can use the fans and humidifier to help in drying the carpet. Humidifiers will pull the moisture from air.

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3.    Hot water extraction:

This method is considered to be the best amongst all. It is also known as the steam cleaning process. It sprays the water and detergent on the carpet and recovers the water and soil from the carpet by using the powerful vacuum. It gathers the water and soil in the holding tank. This is the best method to get rid of stains which are caused by the pets and used on soiled carpets.

The Advantages Of Using Carpet

The amazing fact about the carpets is that it has replaced all the other flooring choice. And it is the most desirable and fashionable flooring that is famous all over the US.

It is because the carpets provide you many advantages over other floorings. Some of these are given below:

1.    Warmth:
Carpets are used to warm the surface of the floor. They are used in bed rooms, family rooms and other areas to give the warmness on the floor.

2.    Insulation:
Carpet also works as an insulation agent by providing the extra layer on the floor. The weight and density of the carpets and carpet padding provide the R-value of home and adds the efficient energy to the home.

3.    Safety:
For the safety of children and old persons carpet flooring is very essential. It helps to provide the surface free from slipperiness and also works as cushion if someone falls.

4.    Reduction in sound:
Carpet also plays an important role in diminishing the noise that people use to make when they walks. Here as:

i.    Lessen the noise of foots.
ii.     Soak ups the airborne sound.
iii.    Obstructs the sound transmission.

5.    Surface:
Carpets are also useful to hide the problems of flooring and it is also disguise to save the floor from damaging.

6.    Easy to care for:
Today the cleaning of the carpets is very easy. It can be made stainless without making so many efforts. It is designed in a way that ensures the stain resistance.

7.    Clean air:
Properly maintained and clean carpets can also helps in improving the quality of the air inside home.

8.    Variety of use:
In order to make other areas un-slippery, carpets can also be applied on stairs, walls, post, steps and the surfaces which are not straight.

9.    Flexibility:
Carpets are available in almost of every color and texture, from solid rich colors to neutral tones. One can decorate the room in the way he/she wants.

10.    Low cost:
Carpets are not costly at all. Even the expensive flooring cannot ever give you that comfort which carpets can, especially when you lay down over it.

11.    Life span:
The life span of the carpets is more than the other types of flooring. Always try to buy that carpet which has life span of 5-30 years.

12.    Warranty:
Warranties are also offered with the carpets. All you just need to do is to install it and enjoy the secure usage.

The Weaning Period Can Affect The Baby's Health

The period of weaning will be the reason for the derangement of the bowels and stomach of the child.

The weaning period can affect the child’s health due to the following causes: starting of the weaning too before time, effecting too suddenly and unexpectedly, from over-feeding and the use of unsuitable and improper food.

The diarrhea can also rouse in the children due to the irritation in the dentition and this will be free from weaning.

The children who have delicate stomachs and got diarrhea are suggested to substitute the mother’s breast milk from the artificial food.

The children whose weaning period starts when they are of only six months will more likely to have the disorders in the bowels and the stomach. Only mothers can prove to be the resort for saving the children’s health. She can do this by not giving up the nursing of the baby and by avoiding to get pregnant again.

Sometimes, when children are suddenly removed from the breast milk and allow them to feed upon the artificial food causes the disturbance in the stomachs and bowels. Certain measures with the help of physician’s guidance must be taken so to save the child from any problem.

Over feeding and the fewer intervals between the foods can also become the reason for disturbing the child’s stomach. This thus can result in making the child oppressed, wearied, deranged stomach and even vomiting. The remedy can be proper intervals and avoiding the over feeding.

The unsuitable and improper food can also cause the same problems as mentioned above and if the quick remedies are not taken the problem can become very serious.

Therefore, mothers before changing the food of the baby must assured that the new artificial diet is in accordance with the baby’s stomach and then decide what quantity he or she be given that will be sufficient for his or her appetite.

The artificial diet must be prescribed for the babies as in past it happened that due to injudicious dietetic management many children’s have lost their lives. Similarly, over feeding and improper food both have become the reasons for putting the child’s life in danger and also make the parents anxious and distress.

The diarrhea in the children can also be noticed at the time of appearance of the milk teethes during the weaning period. Although, the diarrhea is not due to weaning period and it is because of the dentition only. This diarrhea attack must not be interfered and must not be disturbed until the medical assistance becomes necessary as it will be favorable circumstances.

Slight diarrhea during the teething period when the weaning period is also active, the heated and inflamed gums itself become the reason to put a full stop to the diarrhea and works in our favor.

How Breast Milk CausingThe Disturbance In The Bowels And Stomach Of The Baby

Infants’ can easily get the disorder in the stomach and the bowels and that can be due to several reasons. The mother’s breast milk is one of the reasons. This article will be putting light that how breast milk become the cause of such disturbance in the bowels and stomach of the baby.

The monthly periods of the mother always affects the properties of the breast milk that ultimately becomes the reason of the child’s bowels and stomach derangement.

The infant becomes un-ease and fret few days before of mother’s unhealthiness. He or she will get the motions that are of green color and are more watery and frequent.

This happens with the baby in some starting months but after third or fourth month infant’s stomach started accepting the less nutritious and abundant milk.

By feeding the child upon the artificial milk during her periods time, the mother can save the un-healthiness of the child. Wet-nurse can also be arranged so that the health of both the mother and the child can be ensured.

The milk in the mother becomes less in quantity and also lacks the nutritious level when she conceives the other baby. In this case, when she is pregnant and feeding the young one also, her health greatly suffers. This will also be dangerous for the health of the baby.

The remedy can be in such case; the mother should not take the responsibility of nursing the baby and she must put the baby on the suitable artificial diet that do not disturbs the stomach of the baby.

Flatulence, griping, looseness of the bowels, and vomiting becomes common in those children who are constantly being feeding with the mother’s breast milk. This is due to insufficient time interval between the meals which does not let the old meal to get digested.

The in-digested milk reaches the bowels from the stomach and effects the alluded to follow. The remedy of such case is very simple; give proper time for digestion and re-feed the baby after appropriate interval so that the stomach can also get appropriate rest and gets relax. Mothers thus follow these rules with strictness so to keep the baby’s health up to the mark. 

Teething of the infants is another reason for disturbing the bowels of the babies. It is fortunate that in case more serious prevention can be taken to save the child from disorders of bowels and stomach.

In case of dentition the diarrhea however can occur but it will not be very submissive and for this proper attention must be paid. The gums in detention can be seen swollen and sometimes automatically used to put the stop on the looseness. Medical assistant can also be however becomes necessary.

Tips On How To Buy An Antique Carpet

Antique carpets are that part of your interior which adds the magnificence and glamour at your home or office.

Antique carpets are used in decorating the home interior and they require the solid investment. Regardless of its decorative ability, it is also used in demonstrating the traditions which are followed by our ancestors.

Antique carpets have different varieties and they are available in different colors and motifs. You will be amazed by seeing the combinations of colors and interactive weavings.

Most of the antique carpets which you will be encountering are Oriental carpets. These carpets and rugs will portray the legend of the lands of Orient. They are mostly imported from Persia, China, India, Turkey and Caucasus. The famous weaving area are Agra, Kashan and other locations.

Antique carpets are artist and they are weaved from hands. Most of the clients are ready to pay any handsome amount demanded by the wearers, so to make their home more expressive of their traditions and cultures.

If you want to have your own artistic piece of carpet and if you want to make your home and office glamour able and stylish, you just need to find a reliable art dealer which deals in antique carpets. You can share your requirements and budget for the exclusive piece of carpet and that dealer will help you in finding your delicate piece.

If you want to buy the real antique piece, you must need to educate yourself about the colors, dyes, wools, quality and styles by visiting many dealers. In this way you will be able to know the original antique handmade piece and the synthetic machine-made carpets.

There are some helpful tips for buying an antique carpet:

1.    Carefully and thoughtfully scrutinize the piece which you want to purchase.

2.    For quality analysis, try to know the origin and age of the carpet.

3.    The overall value of the antique carpets is judged from the end and edges. If the borders are not there try to find out the purpose that why it had been cut.

4.    Try to observe the carpet deeply and look for the holes and moths if any. Do not buy that piece.

5.    Also buy the carpets from the dealers. They have list prices, see them before buying, so to make sure that they are not charging you more.

The Role Of Mothers In Care Theirs Baby From Disease

Prevention is always better than cure; same is the case with the little juniors that God has gifted the parents. Especially, the primary duty of mother is to prevent her child from the introduction of the disease.

The secondary duty however is curing the baby in case if he or she has been the victim of the disease. The maternal duty for the disease management is the most important and crucial part during the epochs of infancy and childhood, so it must be performed well.

Medical treatments also require the maternal part for the baby’s treatment. No medicine and treatment would be effective unless the care and proper attention of the mother is working apart from it.

Any negligence and ignorant can ruin the effectiveness of the medical treatment, so the attendant or mother must be cautious enough to take especial care of the instructions prescribed by the doctors.

In small babies the introduction of the disease is so sudden and rapid that no one can judge, that is why the special care is necessary. If the infants are not treated and take care well than the results can be vigorous.

The unease created due to the unhealthy conditions can be soothed by the love and affection given by the mother. The mother can anticipate the needs and requirements of the baby and can fulfill it to provide him or her soothing feelings.

While the mother’s harsh and ungentle behavior will go opposite and will create more difficulty for the sick and sensitive baby.

Moreover, not only the strict and proper fulfillment of the medical direction is necessary, but also the doctors must be presented with the complete information and condition of the little baby when he or she comes on routine checkup.

The attendant, nurse or even the mother can portray the other symptoms that are not the actual, which can cause the doctor to analyze the disease which may not be the case and he can then likely prescribe the wrong treatments and the medicines.

So, proper explanation of the symptoms and the feelings of the baby must be explained by the attendant. The medical man or the doctor can not examine the baby 24/7 that is why the faithful reports must be demonstrate to him. Only the mother and the guardian can present the accurate reports.

The proper maternal attention can ensure the proper and efficient management of the baby at the time when he or she is sick. Only she can spoke about the disease from which her baby is suffering.

The Ventilation And Baby's Health

The inhale and exhale of air is taking place by the babies all the time, no matter how he or she feeling health wise.

That is why; you should make the nursery large, in an elevated and well ventilated part of the house and also at the place that is rich with the light and air.

Baby must be kept in the airy and the large place this would be very effective for his or her health.

If you let the baby in the heated and the impure atmosphere, the baby’s health will be seriously affected in that case.

If you want to save your baby from any draughts in the cold air, you must put thick curtains closely around his or her bed.

Always evaluate the conditions of the weather and the season of the year before taking the baby outdoors. The baby that is born in the autumn season must not be taken to the outdoors in the open air until the spring season comes. Also if the baby’s room is large and well-ventilated are changed, in that case the baby is saved from suffering from confinement.

The baby will also be saved from the cold and humid atmosphere especially if the baby is delicate. Keep him or her away from the extreme weather. But of your baby is quite healthy and strong you must take him or her outside so that in the open air he or she can has the invigorating and vivifying impact on their systems.

However in the dump weather a baby must not be taken outside, because it is the most dangerous weather in which babies can easily introduced with the consumptive disease.

Even the nurse or the maids must also not allowed to take the baby outside for too longer period of the time, if the baby is kept outside for too lengthy time period, many evils can caught him or her from the open air.

The Healthy Child’s Sleep And Stools

Of the sleep:

The healthy child’s sleep is quite refreshing and composed. In the earlier stage of infancy the child spent most of his or her time in sleeping and when woke up will just need the milk breast.

The infant in the later period of life sleeps less and when he or she gets from reposing, he or she will be felling quiet and peaceful.

But when the infant is not feeling well, he or she will start crying when put into the cot and only feel obliged to sleep in the arms of the nurse, the sleep duration will also be very short and will end in the restlessness and disturbance.

The countenance will show that the baby is having pain even though it is slighter. If there is anything wrong in the head of the baby he or she will be showing signs of contraction of the eyebrows. If the pain is in the belly then the child will be gridding the teeth and the lips will be drawn apart. In both the pains the child will be feeling great restlessness and frequent staring.

Of the stools:

The motions in the new born babies are mostly dark in color and much like pitch in the appearance and consistency. The first milk that is intake by the baby from the mother’s breast will be acting as the aperients in the baby’s bowels. This is cleansed away within the twenty four hours.

For the rest of the infancy time period, the stool of the baby will be of yellowish color and has the thin consistency like mustard. Also it will smell little and will be appearing smooth and will not have lumps or white curded matter.

The stool will be passed without having any pain and in any quantity. The healthy baby will pass the stool every day three to four times even. But after the expiration of this time period, the baby’s stool will be of dark color, more solid and it is also not so frequent.

The nurse must see the evacuations daily, because any deviation from the above mentioned characteristics will be showing that there is something wrong with the baby’s health. Therefore the color, appearance and the manner in which the discharge takes place must be noticed.

The unnatural stool will be green, smelly, dark, too liquid or have curded appearance. In normal healthy child the discharge of the motions will be with little wind and will be without pain.

While in the sickness the pass of motions will be with pain and has to apply the force to pass it. This will also be the sign of irritation for the baby. Also if there is any deviation in the numbers of time child discharges the stool there may be some problem.

The Detection Of Disease In Baby's Gestures

The gestures can also be the source that can let you know that the baby is not well. The healthy baby will be natural and feeling easy.

While on the other hand, the deviations from these gestures will be depicting the baby is un-well and sick. This will also show the nature of disease from which the baby is suffering from.

The infant has power to support him or herself and he or she can lift up the head and make it erect. But as the sickness arrives the power will be lost and as the health retained the power get back again. But during the sickness all the postures and gestures will be showing laziness.

The baby who just has got two or three milk teethes with irritating gums and has learnt to walk by holding the chair and move upon its feet by chair to chair will be lying in the arms of nurse or in the cradle when he or she is feeling unhealthy.

The pain in the bowels will be ensured by the crying and drawing up the legs to the belly. To make sure you can press the bowels and gently exerting pressure over it will result in increasing the pain. And if bowels are also secreting than this will confirm the disorder in the bowels and will need the cure.

The healthy child’s hands are rarely carried above his or her mouth. But in the case of sickness the child’s hands will be carried till the head and face and will show that there is something wrong in the head and pain may be present in the head.

The sudden awakening of the baby from the sleep may be due to some trifling reasons but though it must not be neglected. If, it is too much frequent then it means that something is going wrong in the brain.If the spasm is felt then it confirms the illness.

When the thumb of the child can be drawn in and pressed upon the palm with the fingers and when the hands are opened without any difficulty, and same with the case with the toes then this will also confirm the child’s illness.

Others signs can also viewed that are associated with the gestures of the baby and are threatening. These signs can be drawing back of the head rigidly, firmly fixation of arms to the one side and also resulting in the stiffness of the legs drawing upward are very shocking and alarming.

The sings can also be noticed when the usual habits of the child is changing like if the sleep is bothered, excessive fits of the crying, great irritability in the temper, the countenance alternately pale and flushed, sudden animation with sudden a fit of sleepiness, disturbance in the breath followed by a deep and long inspiration and all of premonitory symptoms of an approaching attack should be very alarming and should cause the parents to take the appropriate and immediate actions.

The Importance of Investment

As the uncertainty in the financial conditions has become the major issue for everyone around the world, the investment has gain the same popularity over the period of time.

Every person wants to secure their future financially. They know that if the rely on the retirement plans offered by their company and other social security benefits they would probably expecting wrong.

For future financial security one should try to save as much as he/she is able to do from their earnings. The best key is to invest your saving in secure investment projects.

You might have saved your money in saving accounts which are paying you negligible amount over it. But now you want to grow your money by the faster amount. Or maybe you have recently been inherited with the money or have earned money in other way and you want to make it utilize in the best possible manner. Investment is a key to it.

You always invest for some reasons. This reason can be: attaining the new home, buying the expensive toys, paying the fees of the college or school of your children or any X Y reason. The investment reason will determine that what type of investing you will do to attain your financial goals.

If your goal is to earn money in the shorter period of time, you would probably investing in that project which have high risk associated with it and can give you higher returns. But if the purpose of investment is saving like for your retirement, you would be probably investing in those projects which may grow slower but give you secure returns.

The main objective of investment is to earn the wealth in the secure way in any period of time. All of us have to be retired at some day, so it is necessary to safe today what will be helpful in the future.

One cannot rely only on the social security or the company’s retirement plans. Enron’s case is in front of the world, which has given us lesson that we cannot make our future dependent on the company’s retirement plans. So the key to have the secure future is to make investment, but more cautiously and smartly.

The Signs When The Child Is Feeling Unwell

The health in the child can be felt by the calmness in the body and mind. Any deviation in the expressions will be showing that the child is feeling un-ease and unwell. The affected part can be noticed by his or her actions.


1.    Pain in the head:

The eyebrows will be contracted and will depict you that something is very wrong with the kid. This may be due to the pain in the head or showing the sign of disease in the baby. Properly noticed and taken to the doctors immediately can save the baby from the most fearful disease that is “water in the head.”

If mother has ignored these sings and have not taken any step this threatening disease will sooner result in making the eyes staring and fixed, the hot head, the un-easiness and the child will roll over the pillow without any purpose. It will also result in demolishing every activity of the child and most of the time he or she will be lying in the nurse’s arms.

Most of the time the child will be sleepy, gridding teethes and awakening by screaming. His or her face would be flushing; especially the cheeks, his or hands would be dam hot but the feet will be cold and he or she may have motions that will be in dark color.
2.    Pain in the belly:

When the lips are drawn apart that are showing the gums or teeth, it is due to the pain in the belly. This pain will only rise if there is something wrong with the belly and it can be confirmed by pressing the belly gently and evaluating the facial expressions.

If the pain arises due to the indigestions in the bowels, it will be temporary. In this case the spasm in the bowels will occur and with slight remedies the pain will vanish.

But if the pain is constant and serious, soon it will be resulting in the paling, sunken and the swallowing of the countenance. The child will lie down and will bend the knees up-till the belly. There will also be problem in the breathing. The unusual efforts has to apply on the chest muscles whereas, the belly muscles will remain quiet.

3.    Pain in the chest:

Pain in the chest can be viewed when the nostrils are drawn up and quickly in motion. This pain will be accompanied by the inflammation and will result in the discoloring of the countenance, the breathing will become difficult and the eyes more or less staring. The chest will remain unmoved during the respiration while the belly quickly heaves with every inhale.

4.    Convulsions:

It is generally noticed by the changes in the countenance. The upper lip will be drawn upward followed by occasional livid. It also may result in the paleness of the face which is followed by the sudden animation by languor. Slight squinting in the eyes can also be resulted.

The signs may occur many days before the actual attack occurs and it can be noticed and if immediate medical treatment is given than the occurrence can be prevented altogether.

The Health Signs Of Baby

It is the mother who can be with the child twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

She is the only one who knows everything about her child and any changes in the child’s health can only be noticed by her.

She is the one who see the child growing and enjoys every moment of her life in watching the development of the small gift bestow to her by the God.

She knows that how important it is to carry the child to the doctor for the routine checkups.

That is why it is important to educate the mother about the serious problems that can be aroused in the child during their small ages. This education is not difficult at all and not tedious to be followed. All she needs to follow the instructions given to her by the doctors and has to keep in mind about the indications that can be due to some disease.

Any change in the body can be due to presence of any disorder that may or may not be the disease. She must be acquainted about these changes before it take place and must know the precautionary measures that have to be taken.

Signs of health:

In ensuring that the body is performing its al function properly, the first sign it will show is the good health of the baby. The baby will demand the appropriate amount of meal, neither excess nor deficient. And the body will also emit the substance in appropriate quantity and appearance.
The figure of the healthy baby will also ensure that the infant is doing well in health. His or her figure of the body will be of round shape like universe and there will be no angles that can be viewed in his or her overall body. Every part of the body will form the portion of a circle, even when the limbs are bent. The limbs will be solid and firm and will joints cannot be viewed unless the limbs are bent by the junior.

The health of the baby can also be ensured by the evaluation of the tongue. It will be white in color and without any sores. The cool skin, the bright eyes, the clear and fair complexion, the cool head, the regular breathing and the abdomen not projecting too far will also ensure the sings of the health in the baby.
The healthy baby when wake ups, he or she will be more likely to appear more cheerful and energetic. He or she will be the one whom everyone wants to play with and always remain happy, whilst, marry and laughing.

And while the healthy baby is sleeping, he or she will be looking calm, displays every expression of happiness and frequently lifts up the smile on his or her face. This will be ensuring the health of the baby and also makes the mother understand that the baby is totally away from any sort of disease and un-restless.

The sings of unhealthiness can be however, viewed from any disturbance in the stools, in sleep, the gestures, and by having problems in the breathing and from the cough.

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Early Detection Of Breathing Disease In The Child

The normal and healthy children inhale and exhale in equal amounts and they breath inaudibly, regularly, quietly and without effort.

But if there is any deviation like the inspiration will be hurried and quickened and also become audible, then the need is to give proper attention and this must be taken seriously.

Any changes in the breathing, even though the slighter one must be noticed.

They can become very alarming and can be due to the serious problems in the chest of the young ones.

If before hands baby is inspected by the doctors than the disease can be stopped from occurrence.

But if not stopped can become out of control. That is the reason, the mothers must be familiar of her child’s breathing habit and must take immediate action if feel deviation in the breathing patterns.

Children must be taken to the doctor when the symptoms of common cold are found in them. The rough cough and hoarseness will sometimes follow the common cold. Hoarseness may also be the reason of the attack of croup and may not be due to the common cold.

Croup is the disease that spreads and become serious very actively and makes the functions of the affected part indispensable and if one wants to save life of the baby he or she must have to take prompt actions and must give the baby a treatment

The following is the observation of Dr. Cheyne about the attack of croup. He described the attack as: the croup is the disease that becomes more active during the evening timings and it occurs during the day time when baby is exposed in the cold weather. This disease also activates after showing some symptoms of catarrhal for some days.

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The baby may be seems much excited, in variably energetic, more ready to laugh than to cry than usual, a little red, sometimes coughing with the rough sound of the cough, like the sound that can be heard in the catarrhal stage of the measles.

Before the nature of the disease appears, the baby spent most of his or her time in enjoying the sound sleep in his or her bed. During the sleep he or she encounters the unusual cough that is very well known to the patients of the croup and it is so much like a sound coming from the brazen trumpet that penetrates in to the floors and walls of the house.

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Experienced mothers can be startles and make her shout that may be her child is suffering from the croup. This makes her run to the nurse to find that she has made any mistake and her child is safe and secure from any disease.

If the cough is repeated again and again this can make the baby awakes and will result in changing the sound of his or her voice. The changing voice is also the one of the symptoms of croup. The swelled throat followed by the cough is also showing that the child is the victim of croup disease.

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Suitable Foods For The Childhood

Appearance of teethes:

Child can be given the beef tea and chicken broth occasionally after the introduction of the grinding teethes.

And at the dinner time they can be given the soft boiled eggs and small bread pudding’s piece that is made with one egg.

At this time giving the child with the animal food is a big mistake that mostly parents made. This is against the plain indignation of nature in which the baby requires the help of masticate solid food.

The babies can be given pounding meat for chewing that is well suited to the toothless octogenarian whose stomach can digest it. The smaller babies’ stomach is not capable of digesting and that is why their stomach gets disordered.

The carnivorous and graminivorous teethes are bestowed in adults by the Creator and this is not possible for the babies to not to get the teeth in mouth. The mastication of solid food requires admixture of saliva to chew and digest the animal or even vegetables.

Solid food cannot be digested with the mastication power. If the solid food is swallowed in the large amount then it cannot be masticated and will not have chances of digestion. The undigested food in the stomach damages the stomach and other digestion organs by the creation of unnatural compound.

The giving of solid food to the toothless child is like thinking that the corn can be grinded without having the apparatus and this will be like making their internal organs yourself disturbed. This is clearly the case of idiotism and foolishness.

On the other hand, if parents still feel that it is necessary to give the vegetable and animal food that is the evil for the children; then they must break it in the smaller part that can be swallowed by them easily. However, this will still remain unmixed with the saliva that is essential for digesting.

This is the fact that most parents are giving evil to their children and without knowing the worst effects they themselves are pushing their child towards laying the foundation of the future diseases.

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