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Tips On How To Bathing The Baby

During infancy:

Cleanliness is the key for the health of the infants and that is the main reason that special attention must be devoted by the parents or the nurse to keep the infant clean. Following techniques can be adopted to keep the infant clean.

As the cleaning is highly essential for the infants, the infant’s body must be cleaned with the warm water daily and every night they must be given bath thoroughly.

Given the bath with the cold water to the infant that is only of few days and is delicate will result in weakening the health and the stamina of the baby to fight against the future diseases.

The water with which the little one is sponged during the day time can be tepid but the water for the night bath must be warm so to give the little one a grateful feelings.

During the summer and by the time passes away the temperature of the water can be lowered down up-till the cold water is employed for either the sponging or even for the baby can be plunge in to the cold water.

But do not plunge the baby into the cold water for more than a minute because at this age, infants are likely to get the cold, as their bodies are weak and they are utilizing their energy to fight against the cold in the water.

For some infants the cold bath can be hazardous because they are too much delicate and no energy is in them to fight against the cold water’s coldness. So for them it is very dangerous to be kept in the cold water.

After the bath the infant’s skin must be dried with extra care and with the diligent gentle friction. For this you can use soft towels or flannel that will ensure that the skin is thoroughly warmed. The skin must be rubbed gently but must be dried briskly and expeditiously. This will be the way to make the infants strengthen and powerful.

Always gently dry the areas like arm-pits, groins, and nates. If the child is too fat than use the hair-powder and starch to clean these places. This will prevent the excoriations and sores to occur that are normal in the fat infants. Use soap only at those parts of the body that are exposed to the dirt.

During childhood:

By the time, as the infants grew older mostly mothers think that cleaning only hands and face of the child is enough. Eventually they left bathing and become satisfy by the hands and face cleaning. But however, this is not enough; bath is not only essential for ensuring the cleanliness but also promotes the high level of the health of the child as well.

Some children show resistance towards the bath and still they are of robust health and of vigorous constitution. They must be directed directly under the shower before they go their bed and if they still resist bath, you must sponge them from head to toe by the salted water.

Try to use the cold water for the child throughout the year if he could bear it but if not then use tepid water during the cold season. Use coarse towel to dry the body thoroughly and dry the body hastily and speedily. Put the clothes on to the child immediately without making any delay. Repeat the process every morning of the child’s life.

If you have taken the child to the sea side take the advantage and put him or her in the sea water for sea bathing. Take the child to the sea side after the two or three hours of the breakfast but do not exhaust him or her by telling them before time, this will become dangerous for putting them in to the cold water. Do not let the child in the cold for too long as the animals will start losing the body temperature after a particular time period that can be injuries for the health.

For the feeble boys it can be very dangerous and extra precautions must be taken to prevent the child and they must not be terrified before time ahead. While the healthy and robust boy must be taught swimming. It has many benefits for the child and it must be practiced later on. In this way they will be able to cold bath daily.

If the child’s health is weak and delicate than the cold bath the application of the cold bath during the summer time will be very beneficial. And if you live at the coast of sea than sea bathing will provide you extra edge. The effects of sea bathing must also be noticed however in the child, it must result in the creation of glow, a feeling of increased strength, and a keen appetite.

Warm and tepid water however, cannot provide such benefits. The warm or tepid water bath tends to relax and weaken the whole system if not properly employed. But properly employed warm or tepid water bath will be more vigorous for the health of the child and also improves the whole system.

In conclusion:

Bath in any form is essential for the children in any circumstances. If the child is strong and vigorous then it must be given cold salted water sponge from head to toe every day until the skin start glowing.

But when the child is showing too much resistant to the bath and is delicate then the in cold weather he or she should be given bath or sponged daily with the tepid vinegar and water or tepid salted water.

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