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Shopping And Picking Of Carpet:

Shopping of carpet has different experience in different people’s life. Some people feels it a chore than fun and others feel that it is something dread which they do not want to do in their life. But sometimes it becomes necessary to go and buy a carpet. In that case, freeze is the best choice of carpet.  It offers you many benefits which you can avail without making any compromises.

The durability of the carpets can be evaluated on the following dimensions:

    1.  75% twist
    2.  15% fiber type
    3.  10% density


Twist type of carpets are made by twisting the yarn through heat and given the fiber a spiral shape. It is twisted seven times per yarn, thus making it rustic knotted and looks amazingly appealing.

Fiber type:

Frieze carpets are made by using the high quality fiber that is nylon. Nylon is most widely used fabric worldwide that is used to make wall to wall carpets.


Most of the people evaluate the quality of the carpet by the judgment of the density of the carpet. It is most amazing factor.

The density can be checked by feeling the hardness of the carpet. Fibers are used at the edges rather than top, as they need space to move. Some aspects are given below in order to judge the best choice for your home:


Gulistan is one of the best nylon frieze makers in the world. Although Gulistan is not a big company but still they are the trendsetter. They have introduced the innovative ideas and style with unique color combinations and patterns. Their competitive edge of this company is the quality which is even most popular today.

Laura Ashley:

The Laura Ashley company is basically the English country sport company. It has continued in providing the inspiring collections of carpets, bed linens, upholstery fabrics and paints.

Beaulieu industries:

This company is providing the almost two dozens of products including the frieze carpets. These carpets are very famous all over the world and remained competitive for several years. This company has also given the license to the Laura Ashley company.

The bottom line:

Carpet is a part of interior that will complement your homes over all look. So that is the main reason you should not rush in buying one. No matter whatever design you choose it must suits your home surroundings. You can choose from different types rather than just buying the frieze. There are many other options like loops, Berber, high pile etc.

If you do not have experience in buying the carpet for your home, you must take assistance from professionals, or the person who have experience in buying the carpet. Before buying the carpet clear your all questions and make your mind clear. Because, it can make your home appealing or make it a disaster. So for making this critical decision consult any person who have experience, like friends,  relatives or professionals.