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Selecting Carpets: Various Types For Different Lifestyles

Selection of carpet includes many areas to be considered. You must see the artistic as well as the technical areas. Selecting from the hundreds or thousands of designs, colors and texture is very challenging task.

Carpets are available in different colors, texture, constructions and designs. It allows the person to decorate the interior. One can make the combinations of different colors and texture to make the both formal and informal environment.

The most important aspect of buying the carpet is to consider the area where you going to install the carpet and as well as the traffic that will flow over the carpet.  According to area and use you then decide the color, construction and texture of the carpets.

Different fibers like nylon, olefin and polyester are used for different applications and uses. They are most widely used fibers and display the different qualities. For instance the nylon is the most expensive but softest and resilient carpet. It is suitable to be installed in any room of your home. This can also be installed in the high traffic areas.

Polyester on the other hand is less resilient then nylon. But it is more cost efficient and high resistance against the stains. This types if carpet is best choice to be installed in the dining rooms or children bedroom which encounter more stains and less traffic.

While the fiber olefin can be dyed that is very have highest level of stain resistance and the stains over the carpet can be cleaned by using the water and the bleaching agents, without even losing the original color.

For the best performance olefin is the best. Because it is mold, fade and mildew resistance. But it is not resilient that is why it must be installed with Berber type of carpets.

Plush and Berber carpets can also be chosen. The Berber is constructed with continuous level of loops and the plush one is made by shearing the loops and makes the strands standing straight.

Berber types of carpet are hard that is why they are uncomfortable and difficult to sit over and lay down, but still they do not crush down or matt because of high level of loops. They are also suitable fir high traffic areas like living rooms, walk ways and entrance areas. But they are not good at bedroom because of their hard texture. They are not even suitable in the house where there are pets with big nails.

The plush carpets are softer that is why comfortable and can be used for lying down. They are better thermal insulation. They are not suitable at the high traffic areas because it can be easily crushed and matted.

The use of nylons with tight low pile will be helpful in limiting the crushing and matting. Nylon is highly resilient that is why it is used to gain the tight construction.

The warranties of carpets are from 5 to 30 years but if they are not used on stairs. The warranty of carpets valid from the time of installation till the time to reinstallation of the new carpet.

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