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Mobile Baby Monitors: Why do you need to buy one?

For the excellent care of your baby you should try to adopt every portable idea that will help you out in providing the best to the babies.

There are many devices available in the Market that is especially designed for helping and supporting the parents and making the parenthood easier with out compromising the security of the baby.

Mobile baby monitors is one of these products that are designed for supporting the parents especially the single mom or dad.

What is a Mobile Baby Monitor?

The mobile baby monitors are the devices that work by having the transmitters and the receivers. They worked on the predetermined frequency levels and transmits the frequency modulation i.e. the FM signals. They usually worked between the range of 49,830 MHz and 49,890 MHz.

Why do you need to buy one?

Mobile baby monitors let the parents free from the 24 hours a day and 7 days a week job to be with them without sleeping and be with the babies all the time. These devices have two parts. These are: a radio transmitter and a portable receiver. The transmitter must be placed almost 8 to 10 feet away from the baby’s crib and it can also be placed more near to receive the better signals of the sounds made by the babies.

The singles are then transformed to the receivers. The receivers are portable and can be taken at any part of the house and the baby noises can be heard even from the distance. The receiving range of the sound depends upon the device you are using. Different devices offer different ranges.

Radio transmitters can be recharged by simply putting the plug in the socket board. Some offers batteries in the transmitters that is more portable and can be carried anywhere. But this usually increases the operating cost of the device.

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What are the disadvantages of Baby Monitors?

The baby monitors work more effectively in the houses which are at the ground or first floor. The signals of the baby monitors will be very weaken if you are living in the house that is made up from the thick concrete walls or has aluminum siding.

Many parents have complaint that the baby monitors are most likely to pick up the sounds of other wireless devices thus interruption is resulted. This has also awarded the parents for not sharing any private and confidential information while the baby monitor is switched on, as in that case the information can be leaked in the neighborhood.

Every time the baby monitor is fighting with the other wireless devices for the signals. It is crucial to buy the baby monitor that allows you to set the frequency levels. Set the frequency level that are not used by other devices this will lessen down the interference.

The price is the factor which is considered by every parent. The better version can be bought of $300 or more. They allow you to watch the baby and offer the video monitoring options. The less expensive model can be bought of $40 to $90 which allows only the audio transmission.