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The Importance Of Breastfeeding

From the time of the child’s birth, he or she is applied at the mother’s breast milk. The mother’s milk will ensure the well-doing of the child and the proper plan will ensure the health of the mother. This way she will be able to render as a good nurse and also feel proud by performing her duty.

This however, requires the mother to take special care of her health, as the baby’s health is also dependent upon the mother’s health. Only healthy mother can produce the healthy, nourishing, and digestible milk for the baby.

If the mother is not taking good care of health and not taking proper diet and exercise than she defiantly won’t be able to generate the wholesome and uncontaminated a fluid for her baby. Any illness of the mother will surely have adverse affect on the baby.

The most common mistake that is committed is the use of the liquor, wine or porter in the women’s diet. The myth that as she is the one who is nursing the baby she requires to live very fully. All these things can be injurious to the health of the mother later on and will result in the less secretion of the milk rather than enhancing it.

The plain solution is only to take the care of health of mother and improving her diet by the natural things rather then the inorganic and caprice. An example is mentioned below that will proves you the above stated things.

A young lady with her three weeks baby left the living-in room at the end of the third week of the delivery. She was a hood nurse and was perfect in the health. But, she had to face light problem with her nipples that was soon overcome.

The lady was introduced with the porter system in which she had to drink the half of this liquid by pint to pint in the neat twenty four hours.

The milk was restored and it is not due to the deficiency of the milk and baby’s thriving for milk but due to the fact which she had known that it was necessary and usual, also without this her milk and power would ere long fail.

By following this plan for few days, the mother happen to be drowsy and tend to sleep more during daytime, had headache, hot skin, thirst and had fever. Also the milk was generating slower and less in quantity. This was the first time that the junior got pain in the stomach and the bowels. After leaving the porter system, the baby and the mother both were examined for few days and found that the health in both were restoring.

As the mother was told to have a glass or two of wine and also take tumbler of table beer occasionally prior to the delivery. Now she was advised to have a pint of barley milk in the morning and at the night with the previous dietetic plan.

The baby and the mother’s health become excellent by following this advice and the mother fed her child for nine months without using any artificial food. The production of the milk was sufficient enough to satisfy the baby’s hunger alone.

Here one can surely conclude that all such happened due to the porter system. It caused the mother to get into the living-in room despite she was healthy enough and had the power to come out from her chamber with her own power. She had ample supply of milk for the baby previously and was performing her duty very well without any help of the supplements and artificial support. But with the introduction of porter, her diet habit changed altogether and introduced the disease in her body.

The plan that must be followed for the first six months is that the breast milk takes two or three days after delivery to become fully established, so by that time the baby must be fed upon the one third of water and two third of the milk that can be sweetened with loaf sugar or on little thin gruel.

After the establishment of the breast milk fully, the baby can be totally feed upon the mother’s milk. For the first ten days the mother will guide the baby’s appetite as the baby’s stomach is very feeble and is not accustomed to the food. The appetite revival can be satisfied with the fresh supply of the milk later on. But appropriate time must be given so that the baby can digest the swallowed.

For some babies it is necessary to feed them after every interval of the three or four hours as the first week expires. This is essential to keep the baby’s demand of hunger satisfied as well as keep the baby’s bowels in order. This may because the baby to cry every time for the milk or may seems that the want can only be allayed by keeping the baby constantly near the breast.

This usually misguides the young inexperienced mothers, they tend to give her breast to the babies at every sign of uneasiness and consider the crying as the call of hunger. The ten minutes difference would not be able to digest the previously in-taken milk.

The undigested food in the stomach can cause serious problems for the baby and overloading again and again can be very dangerous. But if the nurse or mother follows the proper rules of feeding than this will ensure the health of baby and also keep him or her away from the bowels and stomach problems.

Also do not let the baby sleep with you by having the nipples in the mouth. Nurse or mother must wake up at regular intervals of the feeding time and should give nipples in mouth at the time of feeding only.

Even late feeding up-till 10 pm and than re-feeding in the morning time around 5 am will be very beneficial for the baby’s health. However it may cause some trouble initially but later on it will become the habit of the child and he or she will be able to follow this later on. This plan must be followed up-till the sixth month.

After the expiration of the sixth month, still if the mother has good supply of milk that can satisfy the baby’s want, no changes are required in the diet plan up-till the time of weaning. But if the case is wise versa than the baby must be feed upon mother’s milk twice a day and must be given with the supplement baby food that satisfy his or her stomach and keep it in order.

The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk: Foreword by Martha Sears, RN