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Baby Sleep Apnea And Baby Monitors

Apnea is very common in the human beings. This can cause the stoppage in the breathing of the person for some time. Although, it is normal for some people but it can be dangerous if it happens in the babies.

So to monitor the baby’s breathing especially when your baby is having the apnea dilemma you should go for the baby sleep apnea monitors to ensure that the baby is breathing normally and if not you can take the actions immediately. 

The Different Types of Apneas:

The apnea is the Greek word which means “without wind.” It is the medical term that is used to depict the pauses in the breathing of the person occasionally. It can also cause some serious medical disorders in the person. 

There are three major types of apnea. These are obstructive, central and mixed. The obstructive one is most common type that is found in the babies. It is caused by the obstructions in the airways and it is mostly observed during the sleep. It blocks the adenoids and enlarged tonsils thus causing the stoppage of the breathing among the babies.

Babies are not expressive that is why this apnea type can be judged from the symptoms caused by it. The symptoms of obstructive apnea are snoring, gasping for air, labored breathing and changes in color. Restlessness in the babies is also the cardinal sign of apnea. 

Central apnea is the congenital defect in the babies and not very common in the adults. This is basically the fault in the part of the brain that manages the breathing. These are mostly found in the premature babies and can happen any time in a day. 

The mixed apnea is the third type of apnea. It is the amalgamation of central and obstructive apnea and most common in infants. It can also be happens any time of a day. 

What To Do If You Think Your Baby Has Apnea:

Many diseases are evaluated in the babies when they are born. Some of them are aroused in their later ages. If the apnea is being detected by the doctors in your babies, they will suggest you different ways to look after for your baby. The baby sleep apnea monitor is one of the devices that can help you out in keeping the close eye on the baby. 

What to Look for In Baby Sleep Apnea Monitors:

One must look out for the features that can help out in the detection of breathing stoppage in the child. One of the features is the heart beat monitoring that must be present in the baby sleep apnea monitor. 

Heart Beat Monitor:

This feature is very essential because no machine can be 100% correct. In case of the failure of the sleep apnea monitor the heart beat monitor will ell you that the disturbance is going on in the heart beat of the child and you can than immediately take any action.
Remote alarm:

The other essential feature that must be in the baby sleep apnea monitor is the remote alarm. The remote alarm will also alert you even if you are not in the same room with the baby.

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