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Baby Monitors: The Benefits Of Getting A Two-Way Monitor

Baby monitor is a device that is used to keep an eye on the baby when you are not in the room. It is a very important and helpful device for parents who cannot stay with their baby all the time.

Baby monitors are of various types but the most common type used is audio monitors.

Through this device you can listen to your baby every time you are away from the room so that you can know if the baby is having any problem or not?

Some baby monitors are now introduced in the market with some additional features by which the mother can talk back to the baby. This is a very good feature of the baby monitors because by this the bonding between the parents and the baby can be established.

What is the difference between the two-way monitor and one-way monitor?

One way monitor does not allow the two way communication between the parents, it only transmits the baby’s voice but on other hand a two way monitor is a way by which the mother can communicate with the lonely baby. This feature is useful especially for the children’s with separation anxiety as the mother can talk to the children so he or she will no more feel lonely.

What are the major benefits of getting a two-way monitor?    

Through this new feature of baby monitors the parents can not only provide safety to the children by listening to their voice but it can also establish a strong bond between them.

Parents who have a child with separation anxiety prefer this type of monitor because through this they can calm down them by talking or singing to them.

This device has become extremely helpful for parents who cannot be with their child all the time so through this device they can talk to their child and can build a strong bond with them.

Priority of most parents for buying the baby monitor is to ensure the baby’s safety. The baby monitor not only helps in providing safety to the baby but it is also a good way of communication between parent and child. On the other hand the child doesn’t feel lonely if no one is with them because the parent is always in touch with them.

It does not only provide ease to the parents but it also provides safe and secure environment to the baby. When the child hears a familiar voice then he or she calm downs because then they don’t feel lonely. Parents could sing a song or tell some stories to the child while they are away from them. With the help of this device the parents can do their other works like laundry or cleaning the house without getting worried about the baby.

This device is a benefit to both the parent and the child so we can say that    it becomes the key to hitting two birds with one stone for lots of families.

Midland GXT760VP4 36-Mile 42-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair) 

Baby Monitor with Two Way Audio 

Lorex LW2003 LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor (White)