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About EVPs And Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are the blessings of science which have let the parents to carelessly do their work and the safety of baby is ensured by the monitors.

Although the baby monitors transmits the sound of the baby but some time it also transmits the sounds that are not made by the babies.

Many parents have claimed that they have heard the sounds which are not made by the babies and they are EVPs that are picking up by the baby monitors.  

What are EVPs?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the abbreviation of the EVP. These sounds are actually coming from the graveyards and made by the ghosts and souls nearby moving. These sounds ensure that there is still a life after death and sounds are transforming from the ghosts worlds. These monitors are more working like the ghost hunters.

Many ghost hunters use the sophisticated devices and gadgets to record and the sounds of the ghosts and to hunt own the ghost phenomena. The baby monitors are too much sensitive to the sound that is why they are more likely to work as the ghost hunts device to record the paranormal activities. 

By the complaints made by many parents that they are hearing the noises of the humans that are muffled and something inaudible which are not originally generated by the babies. These complaints then evaluated by the baby monitors’ companies. They have sent the device for the examination by the experts.

The experts do not have any technical explanation for these heard noises. After this the ghost experts examined and rectified that these noises are coming from the ghosts and is known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon. 

Baby Monitors and Interference:

Baby monitors come in two types. The one with the wire and the other is wireless. Both of them have it own pros and cons. Wireless devices although are more portable and easy to handle but they are more inclined to the interference from other wireless devices.

They catch the signals from the other wireless devices like telephone sets. This interference can be in the form of intercepted voices and they can also be the reason to generate the muffled and inaudible noises.

So Are EVPs Real?

The question arises here that whether these ghosts are real and do we really believe in their existence? All these questions have no factual answers. It is just like to make some thing incredible. So question is that does EVPs are real?

It depends on the interpretations that how we interpret the sound coming. Like for example if we will interpret the sound made by the cats as the moo made by the cow, we will surely believe that it is coming from the cow. Similarly, if we have firm believe that the muffled and inaudible sound is coming from the after life ghosts than no it will be it.

EVPs reality depends upon you, that how will you interpret and believe the sound coming from.