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Tips To Find After School Programs

Before enrolling the children in the after school activities, you should gather all the possible information. Enquiries from the school authorities must be done.

Ask the school authorities that whether they are offering after school activities or not. If yes then find out which classes they are offering and the timings and in case of no, try to find out other institute.

You can inquire your neighbors to find out the institute who offer the classes and can also ask the community resources like community based centers, libraries, museums and the clubs for boys and girls etc.

After gathering the required information, now the time is to discuss about it with the children. You should try to figure it out that in which programs children are most interested. You can ask them about their interest and enrolled them in their desired activities.

Regularly monitor the development of your children by attending these activities. If children show resistance to any activity, do him/her quit that activity and try to find out the other alternatives available.

Appoint the tutor for the children at home, so you do not need to give them the pick and drop service. Also plan some activities at home for them.