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Recreational Activities

After school programs have been divided in to three wide categories. These are recreational, academic and social programs.

The physical, mental as well as educational achievements of the children are dependent on the balanced development.

The recreational programs are sub divided in to activities based on recreation and sports. The most common ones are swimming, football and basket ball. Some of clubs also offer the programs like trekking, gymnastic and hiking. Before going to such programs first aid classes are given.
Recreational activities give an opportunity to the children for letting off the steam and enjoy away from the boring class room’s environment. Natural enthusiasm and energy of the children dies in the closed class room with the textbooks.

They restrain their energy and sit back quietly in the class room. All the time sitting without doing some physical activities, children become fater and obese. Obesity gives birth to diastase then. So it is very necessary for the children to get indulged in some physical activity and burn their fats.
The aim of the recreational program is to make full utilization of the children body and make them active. Only physical fit child will be mentally strong and powerful. He/she will be able to focus on his/her work and thus will be achieving better. Recreational activities also teach the discipline, fair plays and mechanism of teamwork. All of these are very crucial in growing process.
Now-a-days men and women both are working, thus the children have to face isolation most of the time at home. Their life is confined to the school and their bedrooms. They do not make any relationship with outside world.

For such children the recreational activities offer the platform to meet others and also let them play with other boys and girls. Scouting and guiding are good activities in the recreational aspect. Survival programs are also designed for the children to make them learn how to fight with the emergencies. These survival skills are taught through the sports and the games.
Recreational activities are designed in such a manner that ensures the safety of the children and involve them in interesting activities. These activities are the best way to keep the children away from the street and troubles. But it is also crucial for the parents to take the child age under consideration while enrolling him/her in such activities.

These activities require the physical caliber of the child, so he/she must be in proper age and must be healthy enough for such hard work.