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Methods In Creating The Motivation For The Children

In the early timings of enrollment in the after school activities, children are excited and enthusiastic. They happily go to attend after school programs.

But as the time passes the excitement fades away. The main dilemma arises here for the parents. They think that what should they do in creating the motivation for the children to attend such programs?
Here are some solutions that will help in creating the motivation for the children:
Make the career-academics connection early on:

Let the children understand the importance of the education and try to create a link between the academic work and the real world. They must know that if they will study harder now only then they will be able to foster their career in the future.
Set goals:

Explain your child about the importance of hard working and do let them understand that hard working will reap you reward. Give them examples about the achievements of other hard working people. In this case they will make their aim to work hard and will less likely to leave the after school programs.

Reward success:

Appreciate the achievements of the children and praise his/her hard working. It will increase the confidence and self-esteem of the children. Do not ever criticize the efforts of children, it will ruin everything and will make destruction in his/her thinking.