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Enroll The Children In After School Programs

Most of us think that when school is providing extracurricular activities and sport programs in the school timings, then why to enroll the children in after school programs.

The answer is simply: these activities are sprouting up in the large numbers and they are always booked fully. Of course the crowd and interest of the children and parents in such activities, show the importance.

Working parents have no option but to leave the child alone at the home. Where they do not have much to do and have much free time.

We all know that the “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. So there is tendency for the children who are left by the parents alone for approximately 20-23 hours per week, to get involved in the wrong company. Sooner or later these children get involved in drugs taking, tobacco, alcohol and the other crimes.

So parents must enroll their children to keep them busy under the supervision of school’s management and save them from such bad habits. In this way children can enjoy their life in free atmosphere and parents can also be free from tension.

These activities keep the children away from the boredom and also provide them the security. The peak hours of crime is from 3 to 4 PM, which is the time of the school offs. So it would be dangerous to leave the children alone during that time.

Another important reason is obesity. After school timings, most of the children take the packet of chips, soft drinks or chocolates and use to sit on sofa for watching TV.  Approximately 30% of the children under 19 years of age are overweight and 15% of them are obese and look like couch of potatoes.

After school programs ensure the physical activity of the children and keep them busy in doing something worth. This reduces the habit of watching TV and playing video games.

These activities are like building blocks of children personality. It not only creates the sense of social responsibility in the children but also makes them a worthy citizen.

Parents want their children to make achievement in the academics and extracurricular activities with the dynamic world. This wish put lights to the unfulfilled desires of parents in their childhood.

Whatsoever X and Y reasons are, the fact is that the parents want their children to get enrolled in such programs to boost up their skills and capabilities. Children also want to be with the world and desire to learn more for their bright future.