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Different Kinds of Stock

Stock market has ability to create confusions for the first time investors. So if you are new and do not really know what is the stock and what are its type you must read this article develop your understanding about it. 

The investors who do not know actually about stock market are likely to invest their money unwisely or they may have to bear looses from it.

Common stock is a type of stock in which you can have power to select the board of directors but you do not have power to participate in the company’s day to day activities.

If you have make investment in the common stock you can earn profit or bear lose depending on the performance of the company. If the company performs outstanding your invested money will grow and if it poorly performed or bankrupt your investment will be lost.

There are different classes in the stock. The companies decide about the classes. These can be named as Class A and class B.

The class A owners have more power to vote against one share than class B owners. Usually investors do not want to invest in those companies who have more than one class. The stock with classes does not fall under the common stock.

The preferred stock is another type of stock and it is more upscale type. Inventors of preferred stock actually invest in both stock and bond. They have more right over the dividend even before the owners of common stock.

In case of bankruptcy of company they can get their investment back by claiming the asset of the company. But one must also know that company has power to buy the stocks from the owners of preferred stock if it wants.