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Different Kinds of Bonds

Bonds are the type of investment that is considered to be very safe and then there is an assurance of getting a good profit at the end of the day. Bonds come in four different categories and are sold primarily by the Government, different corporation, state and local governments and by foreign governments.

There is always a dought in the minds of the people who invest their money for the first time. There are people who  are scared to  take risks or are not too keen on taking high level risks. The best thing about investing in bonds is the return of the primary investment  and this covers the risk of not getting the money back.

The bonds that are sold by The United States Government is the treasury bonds. These bonds have a longer age and can be bought for the time period ranging from 3months to 30 years. These bonds can be obtained through the Treasury department.

Treasury bonds can be obtained in different forms and those are Treasury notes (t-notes), Treasury bills(t-bills) and treasury bonds. United states Government  has the charge for the treasury bonds and whatever the interests that the bonds make US government charges tax on them.

Another category of the bond is the Corporate bonds sold by the public securities market. These bonds can give you a very high interest rate but are generally considered to be very risky. These are the bonds that the companies sells in order to overcome their money owing. As a result if these companies get bank corrupt or if the company get busted the value of the bond remains nothing because it values remains safe until the company remains safe.

Another category of bonds that is again considered to be  of a very high risk bond is sold by State and Local Governments. As the federal government is secured from getting busted or short of funds, the State and Local Governments are at high risk Of getting into the category of getting busted, that's why the bonds sold by them have a high interest rate. Despite having a high risk category the , the State and Local Governments do not charge any tax and even on the interest made on actual investment. any types of bond that are tax free are usually State and Local Governments bonds.

The most risky and most complicated type of bond is the one that is purchased from the foreign countries. These bonds are usually as purchased as a collective investment scheme but the best and the most reliable way to buy a bond is through the US government because it is secure and no risk involved . Even though it doesn't involve a high interest rate but at least it assures you to have a safe investment and get a return at the end of the day.

For a better prospect it is important when the bond reaches its time limit buy another bond to invest.