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Choose The Right Baby Monitor for Your Children

Baby monitors have made the life of the busy parents easier. They can ensure the safety of the child at distance and can do their work with out taking any tension of the child’s protection.

These baby monitors can protect the child even if you are not with the child or working in the other room. It demolishes the burden and also let you finish your work.

Many companies now have introduced baby monitors in the market, but all of them are different and have different specifications. So before buying you must know about each of the baby monitors available and thus making the perfect choice.

What are the types of baby monitors?

There are three different types available in the market. These are audio, video and sensory monitors, from these three you can choose that suits you more.

Audio monitors lat you to hear the sounds of each activity which your baby is performing like crying, laughing etc. They come in both the analog and digital models. The analog is the most reliable one as it uses the radio signals and transmits the sounds.

They are also less costly and easily affordable. But the drawback associated with these types of monitors is that they have less privacy rate and high disturbance.

While, the digital model is more expensive than the analog model but they provide more privacy and the signals carrying capacity is far much better than that of analog. They are also not static and provide the clear sound reception and also have wider range of reception.

Video monitors not only let you hear your child but also let you see that what he/she is doing. They usually are like miniature television sets and uses the camera to capture the movements of baby and thus showing on the LCD. Cameras can be placed any where on wall or crib or table. Cameras also come in night vision and they are portable. 

Sensory monitors are used to even detect the baby’s movements even during sleep. It will alarm you when baby will stop moving for 20 seconds on his/her mattress. Some sensory monitors also use the audio signals and allow the parents to hear the activities of baby also. 

What are the things that you should consider?

For selecting the best suited model for you and your baby you must evaluate it on the following dimensions. First see that what are your basic requirements? What size would best fit your home? If you have small house you may need the simplest baby monitor to get installed but for big houses you will need the sophisticated one.

Another dimension is the life style and the type of the activities you perform. If your work needs you to move father away from the baby, in that case you must select that monitor which will cover the long range. It also must be evaluated on the affordability dimension. 

Which ever baby monitor you may select but make sure the quality of sound and video must be clear enough to be viewed and heard.

Lorex LW2003 LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor (White)