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Baby Monitors and Wireless Interference

Some wireless household gadgets cause problems some times because of the interference. The usual culprits behind this are baby monitors and wireless phones, but we cannot stop using one device because of the interference caused by other device.

What is Wireless Interference?

Interference can occur in the form of static or buzzing sound. Other than this the baby monitors that send video may suffer from fuzzy reception.

The problem can also occur with the sound type of baby monitor. You can pickup your neighbor’s phone conversation on your baby monitors or vice versa due to which you can face problem in hearing the sound of your baby. 

How to fix Wireless Interference?

The interference problem is very bothersome. The solution to this problem is also available. Here are some tips that can help you to correct or at least minimize the problem.

Factor in your wireless phone:

To reduce the interference buy the baby monitors that have a frequency band other than the frequency band of your household devices. Most cordless phones have a frequency of 2.4GHZ. Therefore buy a baby monitor whose frequency band is other than 2.4GHZ.

Adjust the channel:

Many of the modern devices have an option of changing the channels in order to fix the interference issues. This is an easy thing to do. If you are using a wireless router than you will have to use your computer to resolve the problem. 

Opt for a wireless phone that utilizes the 900MHz, 1.9GHz or 5.8GHz band:

These channels are not as commonly used as 2.4GHZ frequency band so the chances of interference are less. If you have a preference for multiple-handset-capable wireless phones with a handset-conferencing option, then choose the one that makes use of 5.8GHZ or 1.9 GHZ.

Switch on the baby monitor first:

If you have bought a 2.4GHZ baby monitor with video capability and you want the transmission without any interference than switch off all 2.4GHZ devices in your house. After switching off those devices you can turn on the baby monitor and then the wireless router. After that you can switch on the base unit of your wireless phone. If you will follow this method then your monitor gets the initial accessible signal that gives an excellent reception.

Consider purchasing a digital baby monitor:

If you don’t want that the sounds from your baby monitor gat picked by your neighbor than buy a digital baby monitor rather than the analog one. In this way you will receive the sounds only from your baby monitor without any interruption from any other household device or the device in your neighbor.

Stay at a safe distance:

If the frequency band trick is not working and the interference is occurring than keep the wireless devices as far from each other as possible.

Baby monitors and wireless phones always interfere with one another but by using the above methods you can minimize this problem.