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Aspects That Makes The After School Programs Famous

Now-a-days children are becoming the main attention for the society. Government is ensuring that the new ways must be figured out to ensure the security and safety of the children. These programs are aimed for the development of the children. Following are some aspects that makes the after school programs famous among the society.
1.    Preventing Juvenile Delinquency, crime and violent victimization:
Approximately 10% of the juvenile crimes take place between 3am to 4am. That is the crucial time when children need to be secured and saved. They should be kept away from the troubles.

2.     Preventing alcohol, drug and tobacco use:

Most “latchkey” children are curious to try the new things to become famous in the social group. They usually indulged in drugs, alcohol and tobacco use. After school activities have mentors which develop the meaningful relationship with the children and keep them away from such things.

3.     Decreases appetite for Television:
On average the TV watching hours per week is approximately 23 hours. While they watch TV they eat more thus become more fat and they do not utilize their mental and physical skills. After school programs ensure that the children spend their more time in performing the task.

4.    It also improves the achievements in the academic work.

5.     Improving school attendance:

These activities develop the confidence and lead the student to take more interest in school work. It also improves the attendance of children in the school.

6.     Improved behavior and inter-personal skills:

These activities let the child handle the conflict better and give them confidence in dealing with the other authority figures.

7.    They are used to tie the family and community closer.