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Can Digital Baby Monitors Harm The Baby?

We can see technology every where around us. Every day a new invention comes in to the market. Every thing has gone digital like the simple household appliances that we use daily.

This has made our life very easy but it is also a matter of concern these days that whether they are safe for our health or not? And especially gadgets like baby monitors that are placed very close to the children’s.

Many parents are worried about using baby monitors to keep an eye on their children because their children then will be exposed to too much electromagnetic radiation which can be harmful for their children as it can interfere with the normal development of body systems. So the question arises that whether these digital baby monitors are safe to use or not?  

What is Electro-SMOG and How Does It Threaten Our Health?

It is the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the digital devices like microwaves, cordless phones, television, digital baby monitors.

Many studies have been done on this and these study shows that frequent exposure to the digital devices can cause health problems like it can affect the nervous system. Initially the symptoms that appear in a person are headaches, chronic fatigue, abnormal behavioral patterns and disruptive sleep patterns. 

How Are Baby Monitors Different from Other Gadgets with Electro-smog?

Parents usually refrain themselves from using digital baby monitors because of the electromagnetic energy emitted by this device but on the other hand the companies that manufactures these devices says that the amount of energy emitted by this device is very less and it cannot harm the health of the baby.

One of the company that manufactures this device is Phillips and it claims that the amount of energy radiated by the device manufactured by them is 10,000 times less then the safety standard set in the international market. The company has also given advice to the parents that in order to assure full safety of their children they can keep the device 1 meter away from their baby.

Such technologies have many benefits which attract the people but on the other hand they also have some disadvantages.

The modern form of baby monitor is much better than the old one and it also provides privacy for families but parents who are concerned about their children’s health don’t prefer these things.

It is said that prevention is better than cure so the parents must take some preventive measures in order to keep their children safe. Parents should keep digital baby monitors at least 1 meter away from baby and avoid keeping extra digital devices like television, computer etc.

There is less chance of baby being exposed to radiations if the monitor is kept at the safest distance from the baby. The distance of monitor with baby should be at least 1 meter. The companies are trying to make the technology much less harmful so that the people can use it without any worries.

The conclusion is we can use baby monitors to keep an eye on the baby but it should be used in a way which cannot harm the baby.

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