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After School Programs: Over Scheduling Put Burden On The Children

Researchers have shown that the after school based programs overburden the children.

It keeps them too much busy in performing various activities like going to trips, playing sports, attending the class and other structured activities.

It has made the children life too much complex and busy and parents are complaining that the children do not have time to spend with the families.

Over scheduling, due to such activities, demands more time from the children. Extra burdens lead the children and his family in stress. The importance of the regular studies cannot be ignored. Children even try to achieve more in their academic careers, thus taking too much burden on his/her fragile and little shoulders.

Traditionally the children go back to the home after attending the regular school classes. But socially and economically, reality is that the children cannot go back to home as parents are working and no one is there to take care of them. For these children, after school programs are the last resort.
But parents should not enroll their children in too much programs. Although the after school programs are better for developing certain skills in the children, but it’s over involvement put burden on the children.