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After School Programs In The Community

Government has also motivated the management of the after school programs and it has allotted the separate funds for these institutes.

US department of education and justice have published the report and admitted the importance of such programs and also stated that these programs are benefiting the whole society as a whole.

It was also figured out that Americans love to provide the after school programs in the community too.
The after school programs have become essential for especially the weak students who do not show the satisfactory performance in the school.

The children of the poor families, who cannot afford to send their children in such programs, are seems to be more weak in grammar and reading. Such children show the poor performance and dropped grades after the summer vacations.

Schools must follow the children in vacations so that they do not lag behind from others. That is why government has allocated funds for the school to offer the activities during the weekends, summer holidays and even after school regularly. These programs are carried out in safe, drug free and structured environment.
The enhancement in the critical skills is one of the primary objectives of school-based after school programs. They work hard with the children to improve their skill level.

Some schools provide extra mathematical, reading, problem solving and comprehension’s knowledge. Some offers the preparation of the children to get admission in the colleges.

Some offers career planning, teach the children that how they can boost up their career in the teaching field. Some offer the involvement of the children in the telecommunication and technology, music, arts and other learning programs.

They offer all these in low and affordable prices to make it for the low-income families who consider all such activities as luxury.

Children always have eager for food. School programs also offer free snacks for the children and add value to their program. Schools are sponsored by the companies that offer free or less price snacks for children. The national school lunch is one such company that offer free snacks for the schools who have applied for it.

Schools also get funds from CACFP repay expenditures for the children above 13 years old and depending upon the locality of the school. If the school is in the low income area then it will get supper for the children who are below 19 years. NGO’s also offer free breakfast, lunch and supper for the deserving schools who cannot feed the children.