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After School Programs for Different Levels

Parents mostly enquire about the time given to the children for performing various after school activities.

They are too much confused in knowing that how much of the time would be enough for the children to play and how much must be given for the studies.

In order to answer these queries following are some guidelines:

In kindergarten the children have just initiated their school life and they are learning the discipline and interacting with others, so it is better for them to have simple and carefree after school life.

Grade 1:
For grade 1 children, once of twice classes of playing and visits to the play grounds are suggested, per week. Do not force the child to win the game, keep them away from the competition. They are too young and cannot afford such mental stress and pressure. Physical activities to use the energy are best for these children.

Grade 2:

Grade 2 child are mature enough to make his or her decision. So let them decide what they want to opt for. Whether it will be swimming, sport, skating or computers, let him/her decide. Also give them time alone so that they can unwind their talent and figure it out about their wishes.

Grade 3:

Grade 3 children are more socialized, that is why they must be allowed to play sports in teams. At this stage skills of painting, drawing etc are tried to develop. The children, but must keep separate time for family and for such activities.

Grade 4:

The child in the grade 5 has his/her voice to rise up their demands and wants. They choose their activities themselves and most of them are to increase their confidence level. At this stage the social pressure is too much. Make sure your child is learning stress management. They are doing their homework along with these activities, as the studies need much time from this grade.

Grade 5:

The children in the 5th grade have lots of energy and eager to try everything undone. For doing such they push the studies backward. Strict supervision from the parents is required here. So, parents must keep a day or two free in a week for family and other activities. At this age children can be directed towards the community services.

Middle school:

At this age, the children are more focused towards TV. Keep an eye on what and how much they watch. Try to involve them in activities like joining the language club, girl guides or boy scouts, chess clubs etc. 16-20 hours per week for extracurricular activities will be enough for them.

The children’s personality is wholly and totally dependent on how much they have attended such activities. As a parent, it is essential for you to help your child in making decision about which program they should select for grooming themselves.