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After School Programs: The Developmental Requirement of The Children

With growing age of the children, their mental, physical and emotional needs changes and they develop with the time.

As parents, it is essential for us to understand the child’s growing needs and try to help them in reaching to his/her full potential.

Children’s development age is being divided into the three stages. Each stage requires the different developmental programs.

So, find the after school program that support the growth curve of children.

The growth curve is as follows:

1) Young child (ages 3-5)

2) Middle school (ages 6-8)

3) Older school (ages 9-12)

As well as there are four developmental domains. Given as:

1)    The Physical Domain

2)    The Social Domain

3)    The Emotional Domain and

4)    The Intellectual Domain

Each child is in different phase of the growth, so these domains are needed to address separately. After school activity must evaluate the development domain of individual child and accordingly assign them activities.

Children enrolled in same activities may not necessarily produce the same results, even though they are of same age and have receive the same opportunity, because each child has different needs and they will develop when they will be ready for it.

Let’s analyze each domain separately:

Physical Domain:

The young child wants to have perfect skills which he/she have learnt. Like catching, jumping or throwing balls. They want to be best in it. Whereas, the middle school child wants to acquire for the complicated skills and he/she are more involved in teamwork.

The best time for them to learn the discipline in the sports is this. While, the older child are more structured and discipline oriented. They always opt for the adult-based and challenging activities like gymnastics, dancing and musical classes.

Social Domain:

Socially young children want the adults to guide them in playing games and they observe the other’s sports. They mostly believe in the short term friendships.

The middle school children, on the other hand wanted to be intrigued by the society and they enjoy visits at factories and big buildings. They have eager to learn about different peoples from different cultures, customs and foods. They also want to do some social work for the society.

Intellectual Domain:

Young children practically apply what they have learnt in the school. The middle school children want to have more and more of knowledge and skills.

They show great interest in dramas, reading and problem solving. The older children are more judgmental and they want some puzzles to be get solved and they do research and investigations.

After school programs must know the developmental requirement of the children in planning the activities for different age groups.

They must know the children needs and appreciate the group participation in planning the activities.