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The Advantage of Extra Curricular Activities

The world is very competitive and only welcomes those children who have edge over the others. So you cannot sit back and let the child be dependent on only the textbooks taught in the school.

The need is to provide your child with full opportunities to become expert and specialized. In this way only he/she will be able to make pace in the world.

You must find out the extra curricular activities that can be beneficial for providing the extra knowledge to your child.
After school programs are targeting the hidden skills and talent of the child. They make the child learn in an attractive and interesting environment. These programs can be recreational and educational. They keep the child busy and active with allotting them different tasks.

The advantage of after school programs is that they discover the child’s interested area. They help them out in selecting the career path for them.

Like for example when your child wants to have musical career, he/she can be enrolled in the musical class. These classes boost up the child’s self-esteem and offer them challenging and interesting tasks to perform also.

Another important advantage of these programs is socialization. It let the child to interact with other children. Share their views and thinking with them. Also it boosts up their confidence.

Playing the matches on the ground or performing on the stages would be the best experience for the children, where they can portray their talent in front of everyone.

Another advantage is that your children remain busy in performing such activities and do not find free time. As you know that “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Free children are most indulged in the drug, alcohol and other abuses.

These programs make the child to attend school regularly, complete the work daily and also improve their academic achievements.

These programs are monitored by the adults. Some children fell confident to share some thing with teachers and parents but they feel free sharing their feelings easily with the adult mentors.

Another purpose is the reduction of weight and remains healthy by taking part in the recreational activities. Around the world almost 15% of the children under 16 years of age are obese. Parents find it easy to get enroll the children in playing games rather then putting them on strict diet.

Good after school programs have numbers of benefits. It also keeps the children away from becoming the addictive towards TV and PCs. It provides them opportunity to make use of their energy and become creative. It also shape the over all personality of the children.